Paul Gibson Appointed As New Chief Constable Of Lincolnshire Police


Lincolnshire's new Chief Constable has been announced

With crime on the rise, Lincolnshire residents are hoping the new Chief Inspector of Lincolnshire Police will make some drastic changes to reduce crime.

Lincolnshire Police, which covers areas including Skegness, Louth, Lincoln and Boston, has announced the appointment of Paul Gibson as its new Chief Constable.

This appointment follows the departure of Chris Haward, who has held a post on the National Police Chiefs' Council.

With a career spanning more than two decades in law enforcement, Paul Gibson brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new role.

Paul Gibson, 50, began his career in Lincolnshire in 1998. Later, Gibson took on the role of Assistant Chief Constable at Derbyshire Police, and served temporarily as Chief Constable for Northamptonshire.

In 2020, Gibson was initially shortlisted as the preferred candidate for the post of Chief Constable in Lincolnshire. Nevertheless, on that occasion, Chris Haward was selected for the position. However, this time, Gibson was chosen as the deserving candidate, filling him “with great pride”.

The decision was made after a thorough assessment process, which included stakeholder roundtables and interviews. Lincolnshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones accompanied Gibson during the announcement and expressed his utmost confidence in the selection process, ensuring that Gibson is indeed the right candidate for the role.

Paul Gibson's extensive experience and qualifications make him an ideal choice for the role of Chief Constable.

With his deep understanding of the Lincolnshire region, having been born and raised there, he possesses a unique perspective that aligns with the needs and challenges facing the community.

In addition, their commitment to engaging with the public through various channels and maintaining a healthy relationship with the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) demonstrates their dedication to providing the best possible service to the public.

Gibson's professional approach, combined with his responsibility and strong leadership skills, sets a strong foundation for his role as Chief of Police.

The appointment of a new police chief is of immense importance to any police force. It sets the tone for the future direction and priorities of the organization. me

The appointment of Paul Gibson marks a transition in leadership and brings fresh perspectives and ideas to the force.

With his diverse experience and understanding of the region, Gibson is well equipped to address the unique challenges facing Lincolnshire, ensuring the safety and security of its residents.

The appointment also signifies the commitment of the police force to maintain a high level of professionalism and public service.

When Gibson assumes his role as police chief, he faces a number of responsibilities and challenges. One of its main aims will be to build on the existing strengths of Lincolnshire Police and further improve its effectiveness in fighting crime and ensuring public safety.

This will involve strategic planning, resource management and collaboration with various stakeholders including the police, PCC and the local community. Gibson's vision for the future includes fostering a professional relationship based on accountability and a shared commitment to providing the best possible service.

The new Chief Constable said of his appointment: “I am delighted that my appointment has been confirmed and I would like to thank the Police and Crime Commission for their support. I look forward to working with PCC Marc Jones to continue the important job of keeping this wonderful county safe,” Gibson said.

“To return to the county where I was born, and to lead the force where I have invested a large part of my professional life in policing, fills me with great pride.”

It is expected with a new police chief of Lincolnshire Police this action will be put in place to reduce crime and areas such as Skegness will receive more funding and more police patrolling the area.


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