Project K: Cast, Plot, and More


Project K: Prepare to blast off into a future where ancient legends and cutting-edge technology interweave in a breathtaking tapestry of action, drama, and visual effects. Project K, now christened Kalki 2898 AD, is not just a film; it’s a phenomenon destined to rewrite the landscape of Indian cinema. From the visionary mind of director Nag Ashwin and backed by the colossal studio Vyjayanthi Movies, Kalki 2898 AD promises a visceral cinematic experience unlike any other.

The official trailer for Kalki 2898 AD is a whirlwind of awe-inspiring visuals and pulse-pounding action. Glimpse soaring spaceships traversing futuristic metropolises, mind-bending technology clashing with ancient weaponry, and our heroes standing defiant against seemingly insurmountable odds. The trailer is a sonic and visual masterpiece, a tantalizing promise of the epic journey that awaits.

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What is the Release Date of Project K?

Kalki 2898 AD is poised to conquer the big screen on January 12, 2024. Be prepared for a global cinematic event, as the film will arrive in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and English, leaving no language barrier on its quest to captivate audiences worldwide.

What is the Cast of Project K?

Kalki 2898 AD boasts a dream-team cast, a constellation of megastars lighting up the screen. At the helm stands Prabhas, the reigning Baahubali himself, ready to conquer a future far removed from ancient battlefields. Joining him are the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, whose enigmatic presence adds an aura of wisdom and mystery, and the ever-luminous Deepika Padukone, whose power and grace radiate through every frame. Kamal Haasan, the ultimate chameleon of Indian cinema, adds another layer of intrigue with his unpredictable role. Rounding out the ensemble is the dynamic Disha Patani, adding her own brand of action and fiery spirit to the mix.

Project K

What is the Plot of Project K?

While the veil of secrecy remains partially drawn, glimpses of the story have ignited the flames of anticipation. Kalki 2898 AD transports us to a dystopian future, year 2898. The remnants of Earth are shrouded in chaos, ruled by a powerful corporate entity known as The Collective. In this harsh landscape, whispers of a mythical prophecy rise, foretelling the arrival of a savior known as Kalki. Enter our protagonist, played by Prabhas, a man caught in the crosshairs of destiny, destined to fulfill the prophecy and liberate humanity. But his path is fraught with danger, as The Collective will stop at nothing to maintain its iron grip on power.

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Where to Watch Project K?Project K

Kalki 2898 AD will blaze across silver screens worldwide on January 12, 2024. So, gather your friends, family, and fellow sci-fi enthusiasts, and head to your nearest cinema for a front-row seat to this epic saga.


Kalki 2898 AD isn’t just a film; it’s a cultural phenomenon in the making. It’s a testament to the boundless creativity of Indian cinema, a bridge between myth and technology, and a thrilling adventure that will leave you breathless. Mark your calendars, grab your popcorn, and prepare to be swept away into the world of Kalki 2898 AD, where legends rise from the ashes of a dystopian future, and heroes rewrite the destiny of humanity.


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