‘Reacher’ Season 3 – Everything We Know So Far


Based on the Jack Reacher series of books by Lee Child, Prime Video’s Reacher has been a worldwide phenomenon ever since it debuted back in early 2022. Since then, the show’s popularity has been on an impressive upward trajectory, with the most recent second season becoming Prime Video’s most streamed title in 2023. The Season 2 finale was quite literally explosive (that poor helicopter), leaving many with burning questions and a yearning desire to see more. Luckily, it was announced back in December that the hit series would be returning for a third outing, with filming having already begun. So, with that in mind, and with news about the next high-octane mission for Jack coming out regularly, here is everything we know about Reacher Season 3 so far.

Editor’s Note: This piece was updated on February 8, 2024.


When retired Military Police Officer Jack Reacher is arrested for a murder he did not commit, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy full of dirty cops, shady businessmen and scheming politicians. With nothing but his wits, he must figure out what is happening in Margrave, Georgia. The first season of Reacher is based on the international bestseller The Killing Floor by Lee Child.

Release Date
February 4, 2022


Streaming Service(s)
Prime Video

Does ‘Reacher’ Season 3 Have a Release Date?

Alan Ritchson hanging off a helicopter in the Reacher Season 2 finale
Image via Prime Video

Unfortunately, there is not yet an official release date for Reacher Season 3. However, we do know that filming has already been underway on the third outing for over a month now, and, with Season 2 premiering on December 15, it is possible to assume that Season 3 may follow suit and launch in December 2024. Make sure to stay tuned to Collider to find out as soon as a release date is announced.

Where Can You Watch ‘Reacher’ Season 3?

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher, looking concerned in Reacher Season 1
Image via Prime Video

Season 3 of Reacher will be exclusively available on Prime Video, with the show one of the streaming platform’s biggest money-spinners. For those who are yet to see this action-packed thrill ride of a series, or for those who want to rewatch their favorite moments, both of the first two seasons of Reacher are available to watch right now on Prime Video.

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Is There a Trailer for ‘Reacher’ Season 3?

Although not a trailer, the short video available to watch above was officially released in December 2023 and, alongside an exclusive Season 2 clip, sees star Alan Ritchson reveal that Season 3 is already filming. It might be quite some time until we get a full trailer for Season 3, seeing as production is still ongoing, but make sure to keep tabs on Collider to find out when one finally drops.

Who Is in the Cast of ‘Reacher’ Season 3?

Of course, the iconic Alan Ritchson will be back to reprise his titular role as is confirmed in the aforementioned exclusive clip. In Reacher Season 3, Ritchson will only further cement himself as a franchise powerhouse, with his association with this blockbuster franchise merely another string to his impressive bow that includes the likes of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Fast X, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Although it is expected that Maria Sten (Channel Zero) will reprise her role as Frances Neagley, it does look like we will be waving goodbye to Season 2’s incredible cast of characters as Reacher continues its trend of introducing a host of fresh faces for each new season.

Anthony Michael Hall, who is most known for his work in John Hughes movies like The Breakfast Club and his more recent work on projects like Bosch: Legacy and Halloween Kills, has been cast to play the role of Zachary Beck. The character is described as a widowed businessman and single-dad, who is as successful as he is intimidating. He also runs a rug import business, which Reacher is suspicious of. Sonya Cassidy, known for her roles in series such as Lodge 49 and The Last Kingdom, will play the role of Susan Duffy, a sarcastic Bostonian DEA agent.

Season 3’s cast list may be considerably smaller than previous outings if comments made by author Lee Child about Reacher‘s upcoming isolation are anything to go by. About the choice of story for Season 3 in an interview with The Messenger, Child said:

“We’ve picked it up, it’s chosen. It’s a good choice, I gotta say. I think we’ve been very creative about how we’ve sequenced the type of story. We felt we needed a book that was more Reacher alone for the third season. And so it was a question of which story would work best for that, and which one would have a great opening scene and all of that, and we found one that we loved.”

What Book Will ‘Reacher’ Season 3 Be Based On?

Alan Ritchson on the poster for Reacher Season 2 against a backdrop of Reacher books
Image by Jefferson Chacon

Each Reacher season focuses on a new story in Lee Child’s original set of books, with Season 1 based on the 1997 debut novel Killing Floor and Season 2 based on Bad Luck and Trouble, the eleventh book in the series. It has now been confirmed that Reacher Season 3 will be officially based on Persuader, Lee Child’s seventh book in the series, and one with a plot to rival any other in the franchise. The official synopsis for Persuader reads:

“Ten years ago, a key investigation went sour and someone got away with murder. Now a chance encounter brings it all back. Now Reacher sees his one last shot. Some would call it vengeance. Some would call it redemption. Reacher would call it…justice.”

Excitingly, Persuader tackles both a whirlwind undercover operation as well as a deeper dive into Reacher’s past, analyzing his days in the military and finding a common cause between his choices now and his life then. Although we do not know exactly what will be translated from page to screen, creator Nick Santora and co have tried to stay true to the source material wherever they can, so much of Persuader is expected to be delivered in earnest. The official logline for Reacher Season 3 reads:

“Reacher must go undercover to rescue an informant held by a haunting foe from his past”

Who Is Making ‘Reacher’ Season 3?


Once again, creator Nick Santora will be back to executive produce alongside the likes of David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, and, starting for the first time in Season 3, Alan Ritchson himself. It is not confirmed yet as to who else will be joining the backstage crew for Season 3, although it is safe to assume some major names who have worked on both the previous seasons will return, such as series composer Tony Morales, director Carol Banker, and writer Cait Duffy.

Where Is ‘Reacher’ Season 3 Filming?

110th unit salutes at funeral in Reacher Season 2
Image via Amazon MGM Studios

The most prominent filming location in both Seasons 1 and 2, Reacher has been once again shooting in Toronto for Season 3, suggesting we are likely to see some of the same settings that have become familiar with the show so far.


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