Russians Gathered For Artillery Day. Then Ukrainian Artillery Struck.


Irony is alive and well—and horrifically so—in Russia’s wider war on Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces struck a Russian GPS-jammer … with a GPS-guided bomb. Ukraine sold upgraded BMP fighting vehicles to Georgia, where Russia captured them—then sent them back to Ukraine to get blown up.

And then, on Russia’s holiday celebrating the artillery, Russian troops got blasted by, you guessed it, artillery. Reportedly the Ukrainian army’s High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems.

The Russian artillery holiday falls on Nov. 19. To celebrate it, Russian troops attended a performance by Russian actress Polina Menshikh at a dance hall in Kumachove, a village in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast.

A video from the performance depicts the Russians reacting to the sound of incoming rockets. Photos purport to show some of the reported 25 victims of the strike. Multiple media outlets have confirmed Menshikh’s death.

Russian sources claim the barrage was from a Ukrainian HIMARS. Ukrainian sources have insinuated the strike was retaliation for a Russian strike on Ukrainian troops during Ukraine’s holiday celebrating the artillery, on Nov. 3.

Troops from the Ukrainian army’s 128th Mountain Brigade had gathered for a ceremony near the front line in Zaporizhzhia Oblast when a Russian missile struck, killing 19 of them.

The Zaporizhzhia incident triggered an investigation by Ukrainian authorities into the officer who convened the ceremony. The Donetsk incident likewise triggered an investigation by Russian authorities.

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