Scream 7 Reportedly Fires Melissa Barrera Over Controversial Comments


Details are currently slim on what “Scream 7” will look like. The franchise had a major shakeup with 2023’s “Scream VI,” which happened to be the first picture in the series to not feature Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott. Campbell decided to not return for the sixth “Scream” after being offered a less-than-ideal salary. While her presence was sorely missed in “Scream VI,” the film largely treated Prescott’s absence with respect and put considerable emphasis on the Carpenter sisters as the franchise’s new protags. With Melissa Barrera reportedly not returning for “Scream 7,” it’s unclear if the character of Sam Carptener will be written out or recast. 

“Scream VI” ended with the Carpenter sisters reaching a mutual understanding, with Sam realizing that she has to let Tara take control over her own life. More importantly, Barrera’s character seems to have come to terms with her birth father’s identity, realizing that she shouldn’t be defined by Loomis’ legacy. 

Production on “Scream 7” is still in the early stages. “Happy Death Day” franchise and “Freaky” director Christopher Landon was brought on board to replace the Radio Silence team as director earlier this August. Seeing as Landon’s work leans more into horror-comedy territory, it wouldn’t be surprising if “Scream 7” takes a cue from the goofy (and criminally underrated) “Scream 3.”  Work on the seventh film is in the preliminary stages, with no official casting announcements made. As of this writing, Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Media Group, or Barrera haven’t commented on Variety’s report. 


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