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The Big Picture

  • The K-1 visa process for international couples is strict and requires extensive documentation, including proof of a two-year relationship and police clearance.
  • Financial burden is a major challenge, with mandatory fees over $2,000 and a minimum income requirement of $19,720.
  • The couples on this season of 90 Day Fiancé face various issues, including secrets, communication problems, and cultural differences, but Devin and Nick stand out as a well-matched and healthy couple.

90 Day Fiancé was originally meant to be a show that educates viewers on the K-1 visa process. The K-1 visa was created specifically for Americans who wish to marry and live with their international partner in the States. The visa process is strict, even more so now than when the series first premiered. International lovers who wish to take that walk down the aisle must follow these rules strictly or face seeing their betrothed deported. The required documentation must include proof that the couple has been together for two years, evidence of name changes or terminated marriages, and police clearance from their home country, to name but a few. There is also a high element of financial burden. The mandatory fees alone total over $2,000. Additionally, the American applying must have an income of at least $19,720 in a household of two, which is the federal poverty level. Those unable to provide funding to bring their partner over do have the option to bring a family member in as a co-sponsor. This was best seen in the case of Kalani and Asuelu from season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé. Kalani brought her fiancé/baby-daddy from Samoa to get married after she lost her virginity to him in Samoa and got pregnant. Her parents were the co-sponsors for Asuelu, and therefore had to financially support him when he arrived. Those who arrive in the U.S. are not allowed to work unless form I-765 is filed, which authorizes the visa holder to work for 90 days as well. This has never been seen or done in the series, likely because filing the form costs a minimum of $410. Not being able to work adds another layer of financial burden on the couples.

This season’s couples have a whole host of issues, and there is still one more couple that has yet to be introduced. Of the couples, some have more hope than others, but who will actually make it down the aisle? News broke recently about a few couples getting married, but will the others survive the incredibly difficult issues that lie ahead? Here are some predictions for the remainder of Season 10.

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Ashley and Manuel

Is Having a Secret a Blessing or a Curse?

Manuel and Ashley '90 Day Fiancé'
Image via TLC

Ashley and Manuel are not a good couple. The pair met over a decade ago while Ashley was studying marine biology in Ecuador. They became a couple during that time, but ended their relationship when Ashley had to return to the States. Despite the distance, they never stopped communicating and eventually rekindled their relationship. Now the couple plan to marry and Ashley has brought Manuel to America to get married in 90 days.


Is Nikki Exotica and Justin’s Second Attempt at Love Worth It on ’90 Day Fiancé’?

After more than 15 years, the Moldovan and the New Jersey native are at it again. But it hasn’t been the same since Nikki’s identity was revealed.

This couple had problems from the jump. Ashley, who practices witchcraft, hid this important aspect of her life from Manuel. For a couple that has maintained a long-distance relationship for over a decade, how did she manage to keep such a big aspect of her life a secret? She shared on the show that she didn’t want to tell Manuel until he arrived in the States because he came from a deeply religious family. Religion is an important aspect of a relationship, and it’s a major red flag that Ashley felt the need to hide this fact from him. This issue isn’t the only dysfunctional matter: there is also the fact that this couple has nothing in common other than sex. They fought immediately when she picked him up from the airport, and both of them clearly had different ideas of what they wanted in a marriage. Manuel is also controlling and a little shady, hiding all kinds of information from Ashley about his life and family that should have Ashley running for the hills. The only time the two aren’t seen fighting is right after they have sex and have dropped their arguments in the name of carnal bliss. News recently broke that they have gotten married despite these issues, but they’re still at the bottom of this list due to the toxicity in their relationship.

Sophie and Robert

The Couple’s Issues Have Plagued Their Romance From the Start

Rob and Sophie '90 Day Fiancé'
Image via TLC

Sophie and Robert are a young couple that are dripping in Instagram fabulosity, which is how they met. Sophie and Robert connected after she spied him on a page dedicated to attractive mixed-race men. She slid into his DMs, and before long, the couple was head over heels in long-distance love. Sophie, who is 23, clearly has insecurity and self-esteem issues despite being as gorgeous as she is, and unfortunately, Rob has not done much to help her in that department. The couple has had issues in the past, with Rob engaging with other women who sent him NSFW pictures and videos. While he never chatted with them extensively, he did watch the videos and save them, leading Sophie to discover them, and their relationship almost ended.

Despite that, they were able to work things out, and Rob managed to bring Sophie from the UK to the US to start the K-1 visa process. From the get-go, Rob spoke ad nauseam about Sophie coming from money and how she had all these expectations that he’d be financially unable to fulfill her needs. Sophie, however, is not as materialistic as he made her out to be. Any woman wouldn’t be too excited to live in a studio apartment with their partner, as there is no space to really be alone when needed. The couple has also fought pretty consistently, primarily over financial things. Sophie does not want to borrow money from her family, something Rob continually suggests to her. And, most recently, their relationship nearly ended after Rob, once again, forgot to delete the nasty videos sent to him by strange women on the internet. They’ve shockingly survived this fight and things seem to be on the up and up. This couple has major communication issues, and Rob, who is 32, doesn’t seem mature enough to get married, especially to someone who needs more support and words of affirmation from her partner.

Nikki and Justin

Is Nikki Too Hot to Handle for Justin?

Justin and Nikki '90 Day Fiancé'
Image via TLC

Nikki and Justin are an interesting couple with some major issues on hand. Nikki is a flashy woman who has had a lot of work done on her body, and she wants to show it off. Her bold personality contrasts with Justin’s almost stoic nature. The couple had a serious relationship in the past and have rekindled things in recent years to the point of Nikki wanting to bring Justin over on a K-1 visa. The couple had not yet started the process, as Nikki opted to go to Moldova to make sure they would make it as a couple.

On paper, this couple has only a few issues, but these are big enough to threaten the entirety of the relationship they’ve built. Nikki is a trans woman and is proud of it. When the couple met during their first relationship, Nikki did not disclose this information until well into their time as a couple. Justin, whose name is not actually Justin, did not respond well to the news, and things changed for the couple to the point where the relationship ended. Now that they’re back together, Justin still seems to be having issues in the bedroom department, which is a major frustration with Nikki. And she has a right to be frustrated. They had no issues with intimacy when Justin did not know she was trans. The culture that Justin hails from in Moldova is much more close-minded to LGBTQIA people and their issues, so her admission was obviously a shock to him. It’s clear that he loves her, but if he can’t get past his problems in the bedroom, it will not work. And, even without the bedroom issues, the couple have had many personality clashes. Nikki’s bold nature may be way too much for the more conservative Justin.

These two do have a glimmer of hope. Justin’s family seems to really love Nikki and has coped with the news of her being trans almost better than Justin did. They saved pictures from her last visit, which was really touching to watch. Family support is always helpful for a couple with issues, so they certainly do have hope. Based on what’s been seen so far, this couple has a solid 60% chance of making a marriage happen beyond 90 days.

Anali and Clayton

Anali Kept Her Relationship In the Closet, The Same Place Where Clayton Keeps His Mom

Clayton and Anali '90 Day Fiancé'
Image via TLC

Clayton met and fell in love with Anali fairly quickly, and while these two have a lot of problems facing them, they still have hope. Their challenges are less about personality blending and more about the situations they find themselves in. Clayton currently lives with his mother, who is a hoarder. He also has many animals running around the home, and his mom’s room is a closet…and not a glamorous one with enough space to be a room. She sleeps in an actual closet, where the mattress touches all sides of the walls. Clayton is hopeful that his mother’s hoarding tendencies won’t get in the way of his relationship with Anali. But that isn’t the only issue. Anali had not told her family about Clayton. Her father is completely unaware of his existence, and she has made sure to keep him hidden on her social media. This is a massive red flag, as family drama is often a major issue that ends marriages as seen loud and clear in the case of a prior 90-Day Fiancé couple, Pedro and Chantel. There is also the fact that Anali has no desire to be intimate with Clayton. Despite this, news broke that the two made it down the aisle after all, so hopefully, they were able to find that intimacy together before then.

Citra and Sam

A Love Story That Started Worlds Apart

Sam and Citra '90 Day Fiancé'
image via TLC

These two are at number three because not much about their personal relationship is known. For this reason, they are getting the benefit of the doubt and are. According to TLC, the couple is described as follows, “Sam and Citra met on a dating app and got engaged in Indonesia. Citra is moving from Indonesia to the States to be with Sam, but she won’t be alone. Citra’s father is coming along as well! With new information popping up left and right, and only 90 days to tie the knot, will the couple earn his blessing in time?”

Gino and Jasmine

They Are Crazy Enough to Survive

Jasmine and Gino '90 Day Fiancé'
Image via TLC

The only reason Gino and Jasmine are in the number two spot is because news has already broken that they’ve gotten married. On the surface, they seem like another green card marriage, but these two do seem to truly love each other. This couple does have a lot of issues, and that’s primarily due to some unaddressed trauma and mental health issues on Jasmine’s part. Gino’s biggest mistake, happened during Before the 90-Days after Jasmine discovered that he sent her nudes to his ex-wife. Frankly, the relationship could have, and probably should have, ended there. This couple is volatile, and one would think Gino has learned not to lie or withhold the truth from Jasmine about anything. But he hasn’t, and this has led to blow-up after blow-up from Jasmine, even though she isn’t innocent in this relationship either. Her use of Gino’s money for things he did not know about, combined with her borrowing money from her ex for butt injections, is problematic. It’s also hypocritical, considering how she’d drag Gino through the coals if he’d done something similar to her. They made it down the aisle, so now it’s just a matter of seeing if the marriage lasts.

Devin and Nick

An Adorable Couple Who Did Things Right

Nick and Devin '90 Day Fiancé'
Image via TLC

Devin and Nick are adorable. The couple met online and actually lived together for three years before Devin returned to the States to initiate the K-1 visa process. They have the biggest green flag seen on the show since Kenny and Armando, as they had not rushed their relationship and didn’t appear to be hiding anything from each other. They seem sweet and well-matched, and they provide a healthy dose in this sea of dysfunction. Also, news recently broke that they’ve also made it down the aisle.

90 Day Fiancé airs every Sunday on TLC at 8 PM EST. Episodes can also be streamed online, MAX, and DIscovery+.

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