See Drew Barrymore’s Tearful Message to Adam Sandler


Drew Barrymore‘s love for Adam Sandler is going the distance.

Barrymore, 48, was supposed to be heading to a yoga class Jan. 10 when she stumbled across The Wedding Singer playing on TV. The Drew Barrymore Show host became so invested in the iconic ’90s rom-com—which she starred in alongside Sandler—that she wound up sticking around to watch the whole thing. 

“It started this morning,” Barrymore explained in an emotional Instagram video. “I was supposed to be heading to yoga class, and I’m taking the next later one so I can watch it.”

The actress, who was visibly tearing up in the clip, then addressed Sandler directly, saying, “We made such a good movie. I love you so much. Happy New Year.”

In true Sandler fashion, the actor decided to just go with it when responding to Barrymore’s heartfelt message. “Love u always Drew,” Sandler commented on the post. “Happy New Year.”


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