Should I ask my colleague to buy full cream milk for the office?


One of my colleagues very kindly buys milk every week for the office tea room at his expense. Lately, though, she's started buying skim milk instead of whole cream. Is it ungrateful of me to ask if you mind going back?
IM, Port Macquarie, NSW

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According to my tea-drinking wife, whole milk is the milk choice of choice for tea-drinking purists, and skim milk is “a disgusting, undrinkable chalky juice that goes down the drain very easily because it has no solids delicious fats to slow it down”.

But even my drinking wife thinks it's a little tricky to ask your partner to return the cream, since she's the one who gets the milk, pays for the milk, and possibly takes the milk to work with his car. which is a risky thing. Even eight years later, our car still stinks after a little incident involving an Iced Coffee Big M and a speed reducer. Milk has to travel upright and large milk bottles don't always fit in car storage spaces; sometimes you have to put them in the passenger seat with a seat belt like a little white baby in a blue plastic hat.

Also, maybe your partner is trying to cut calories. Or maybe he's trying to get everyone else in the office to cut back on calories (in which case he should mind his own business and bring the whole milk and a dozen Kookies 'n' Kreme Donuts while he's at it).

Whatever happens, it would be ungrateful for you to say anything. Instead, you should become the whole milk buyer. Pick it up yourself, pay for it yourself, stick it in your own car. And reach out an arm if you brake suddenly to keep this whole milk baby upright, comfortable and safe.

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