Sister Wives Janelle Brown Shares Her One Marriage Regret


Janelle Brown wasn’t lying all those years when she proclaimed “I think we have something really awesome” during the Sister Wives opening credits. 

When it came to sharing then-husband Kody Brown with fellow wives Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown, “We really did have a good time,” the 54-year-old TLC star insisted during a joint sit-down with Christine and E! News’ Francesca Amiker. “And, honestly, what you see in the very beginning of the show, really was what was happening.”

But as much as she once claimed she wouldn’t want anything different, there’s one aspect that could have made their 30-year union even more awesome: a marriage certificate. 

As she sees it, before their series began its 18-seasons-and-counting run back in 2010, “It was the train wrecks making the news,” she said of plural marriages, which are outlawed in every U.S. state. “The women were disenfranchised, they were being assigned marriages.”

Which is why she’d like to propose legalizing polygamy. “The easiest way to solve that is to give a woman claim to your legal assets or your estates,” she noted. Agreed Christine, “You give this woman claim and, oh, he’s going to treat her good at that point.”


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