SMILE 2 Trailer Takes That Sinister Smirk to Darker Depths

SMILE 2 Trailer Takes That Sinister Smirk to Darker Depths


One of the best and most creative horror films of recent years is without a doubt Take a smile. Everything from the concepts of the film to its characters and even its marketing blitz was very close to perfection. With the resounding success of Smile, it was inevitable that Paramount Pictures would order a sequel. The first teaser trailer of Smile 2 introduces us to a new set of characters and that familiar sinister grin.

You know, I'm not sure about this second adventure. I'll definitely check it out when it hits theaters. But I think certain concepts are the coolest when they're not stretched to their limits. I love Parker Finn's Laura hasn't slept and he didn't mind this concept being stretched into a full movie Take a smile. Now, it looks like I might wear the novelty thin, if you know what I mean. No shade to anyone involved because I fully expect this movie to rule. Good to see that Parker Finn is writing and directing once again!

Here's a synopsis Smile 2 to center the trailer:

About to embark on a new world tour, global pop sensation Skye Riley (Naomi Scott) begins experiencing increasingly terrifying and inexplicable events. Overwhelmed by mounting horrors and the pressures of fame, Skye is forced to confront her dark past to regain control of her life before it spirals out of control.

The Smile 2 The cast includes Rosemarie DeWitt, Kyle Gallner, Lukas Gage, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Peter Jacobson, Raúl Castillo, Dylan Gelula, Ray Nicholson.

What is the release date for? Smile 2?

Smile 2 trailer with a creepy smiling man at the camera
Paramount Pictures

Smile 2 will hit theaters just in time for Halloween on October 18th.


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