Sofia Vergara Grosses Out Heidi Klum On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Set


  • Sofia Vergara’s eating habits reportedly gross out Heidi Klum behind the scenes of ‘America’s Got Talent’, highlighting a forced friendship between the two judges.

Sofia Vergara Grosses Out Heidi Klum On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Set – The relationship between Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the set of “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) has been a topic of interest, with reports suggesting a strained friendship behind the scenes. Despite their public appearances as friendly colleagues, insiders claim that their interactions are more forced than genuine. This is particularly highlighted by their differing lifestyles and eating habits, which seem to be a source of tension between them.

Heidi Klum, known for her strict diet and commitment to maintaining her model figure, has been reported to be uncomfortable with Sofia Vergara’s eating habits. Vergara, on the other hand, is known for her love of food and her indulgent eating habits, which some insiders claim she makes a big show of, almost as if she’s rubbing it in Klum’s face. This contrast in their eating habits has reportedly caused some discomfort between the two, with Klum preferring raw veggies and fruit, while Vergara enjoys a more indulgent diet.

Sofia Vergara Grosses Out Heidi Klum On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Set

Their differing lifestyles and tastes extend beyond food, with insiders noting that they don’t share the same tastes in style, mannerisms, and especially food. This lack of common ground has reportedly led to a forced friendship, with the two being civil and maintaining a professional relationship on-screen, but not much more behind the scenes.

Despite these reports, both Klum and Vergara have publicly spoken about their friendship, with Klum stating that they remain close friends and that they often have dinners together and engage in girly activities. Vergara has also spoken about their friendship, mentioning that they take care of each other on long production days, with comments like “You need more lipstick” or “Your hair is not right”.

However, there have been instances where their professional relationship has been tested. For example, Klum expressed disappointment over not being cast in Vergara’s Netflix series “Griselda,” joking that she could have been a non-speaking cousin or an extra in the series. Despite this, Klum emphasized that there are no hard feelings between them and that they remain close friends.

Sofia Vergara Grosses Out Heidi Klum On 'America's Got Talent' Set
Sofia Vergara Grosses Out Heidi Klum On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Set

While Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara maintain a professional relationship on “America’s Got Talent,” their differing lifestyles and eating habits have reportedly caused some tension behind the scenes. Despite this, both have spoken about their friendship and the care they take of each other, indicating that their relationship is more complex than it appears on camera.

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