Star Trek’s Tuvok Actor Played A DS9 Character But Only Real Fans Caught It


While appearing on a “Star Trek” panel, Tim Russ stated he had some history with the franchise before sporting Tuvok’s Vulcan ears. He explained that longtime producer Rick Berman noticed how he embodied certain characters, including T’Kar, and approached him to don Tuvok’s Starfleet uniform. “By the time we got to ‘Voyager,’ he was already asking me about the role and the part, you know, six months beforehand. So the time came and I came in to read for it a couple of times. And it just turned out that I was right for the role, physically,” said the actor.

Russ also shared he was eager to be a “Star Trek: Voyager” star, as he knew the series would have several seasons. “As an actor, you kind of look out for those things,” he admitted.

During the “The Ready Room” interview, Russ noted that Tuvok — well, at least someone who resembled the Vulcan — had a significant storyline during Season 3 of “Star Trek: Picard.” “I was wondering if and when my character might be able to appear on the show because the timeline was consistent with my character from ‘Voyager.’ So, sure enough, the email came in from my manager’s office, asking for availability. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, that’s great,’” he said.


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