Star Wars Fan Video Proves Anakin & Obi-Wan Were Incompetent Jedi Guards


The events surrounding the attempt on Padme’s life are already convoluted at best, but the supposedly professional Jedi Knights make it that much worse. After the senator insists on putting herself in undue danger time and time again, Jango Fett has ample opportunity to kill her. He outsources the job he was paid for to another bounty hunter whose own methods are questionable. The Changeling (Leeanna Walsman) cuts a hole in Padme’s window and instead of killing her right then and there, sends in some space slugs.

To add insult to injury, Padme’s protectors were not watching her closely. She may have made it clear she didn’t want them around while sleeping, but sometimes protecting your life supersedes comfort levels. Had they been watching her closer, they would have caught the second bounty hunter, instead of giving chase and leaving Padme unprotected. This result would have been a prime time for Jango to assassinate her, and the Jedi would have left her open to attack. This doesn’t happen, of course. Instead, the duo chases the Changeling through Coruscant, only for Jango to kill her in front of their eyes. Luckily for the Jedi — and Padme most importantly — Jango appears to be thinking on the same level as his adversaries and just flies away. Had he succeeded, this would have been a very messy situation for the Jedi Council.


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