Storm’s X-MEN ’97 Upgrade Gets an Infusion of Beyoncé Energy


Turned on X-Men '97 this season, The storm has passed. She lost her powers, found out that the nice guy she's been seeing caused this problem, and faced a demon. Is a lot. But after many trials and tribulations, in episode six of X-Men '97, “Lifedeath Pt. II”, Ororo Munroe regained her weather control powers. Not only did he get his powers back, but he now wears his original outfit. This dress is from 1975 Giant-sized X-Men #1. Now, a fan has paired Storm's update with Beyoncé's song “Alien Superstar” from her album revival. And yes, it fits perfectly. You can watch the video from Twitter user Steven T right here:

They describe it as the magical transformation of a Storm girl, and it really is. For those unfamiliar, the term usually applies to an anime trope, one in which the heroine “utters a key phrase, accompanied by certain gestures and/or using some kind of magical device, and then moves to the air over a magical background, then her clothes disappear as her hero suit shines on her.” Sailor Moon popularized this, but even that was inspired by She-Ra and Wonder Woman's magical transformations on TV years earlier. Now, Storm follows that same great tradition.

Storm's magical girl transformation scene from Lifedeath Pt.  Episode II of X-Men '97.
Marvel animation

Using Beyoncé's hit song “Alien Superstar” is also fitting, because a few years ago, the music icon once wore an updated version of that Storm costume for Halloween, designed by Simone Bianchi. It's a bit of a full circle moment. Storm's outfit in the series is the first time in the X-Men: The Animated Series Continuity has worn its original dress. Designed by Dave Cockrum, this was Storm's main outfit in the Uncanny X-Men comics for years. But apart the failed pilot episode “Pryde of the X-Men” in 1989, Storm has never used it in animation. We can't wait to see more X-Men '97.


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