Suits L.A. Spinoff Casts Its New Star, If It Pleases the Court


Stephen Amell is suiting up. 

The Arrow star has been cast as the leading man in the upcoming Suits L.A. spinoff, NBC confirmed to E! News on Feb. 13. 

In fact, Stephen will play star lawyer Ted Black, a former New York Prosecutor who moved to L.A. to build a successful law firm specializing in criminal and entertainment law with his buddy, Stuart Lane, whose casting has yet to be announced.

And while Suits: L.A. won’t be set in a world filled with superheroes, Stephen noted that playing Oliver Queen in more than a decade of CW “Arrowverse” shows—including Arrow, The Flash and Flash vs. Arrow—makes him confident he’ll be able to win over the court. 

In response to his casting, the 42-year-old wrote on X Feb. 13, “I know a thing or two about building a universe.”

The jury’s still out on the rest of the Suits: L.A. actorsbut the cast has been settled on some of the series’ plot. In the pilot episode, helmed by original creator Aaron Kosh and set to film in Vancouver in March, Ted’s L.A. firm will reach a “crisis point,” forcing Ted to take on a role he’s always held in contempt in order to turn things around. 


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