Taylor Swift Owns 60% Of The Top 10 On One Billboard Chart This Week


Vinyl is back in fashion and has been on the rise for years now, but nobody can sell an album on the format quite like Taylor Swift. The singer regularly breaks records–usually her own–when a new project drops on wax, and her biggest releases are seemingly constant bestsellers. Swift is no stranger to dominating the vinyl chart in America, but this week, her performance is especially notable.

Currently, Swift claims 60% of the spaces inside the top 10 on the Vinyl Albums chart. Half a dozen titles from the Grammy winner are present inside the highest tier on Billboard’s weekly ranking of the bestselling albums and EPs on vinyl in the United States. She nearly claims the entirety of the top five for herself, but a legend breaks up her winning streak.

Swift sits at No. 1 with her latest release, 1989 (Taylor’s Version). The album, a re-recording of her massive success 1989, blasted onto the Vinyl Albums chart a month ago and hasn’t vacated the throne since.

Spaces three through six are also occupied by Swift. The chart-topper sees her massive sellers Midnights (No. 3), Folklore (No. 4), Lover (No. 5), and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) (No. 6) all climb from where they sat last week on the Vinyl Albums chart.

Swift nearly dominates the entirety of the top five, but Dolly Parton’s new offering Rockstar dashes that hope. Rockstar opens at No. 2, nearly conquering the list.

A little further down–but still inside the top 10 on the Vinyl Albums chart–comes Swift yet again. Her 2021 re-release Red (Taylor’s Version) rebounds to No. 9, making its way back to the loftiest space on the ranking. Last frame, it was down at No. 23 on the 25-spot tally.

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