Teen Mom’s Maci & Taylor Reveal Their Biggest Marriage Struggle


Which means that a night on the couch can feel just as romantic as a fancy AF dinner. 

Even taking 10 minutes to reconnect “you can gain the same thing that you can in a date night,” insisted Maci. “So it’s small wins, small windows go a very, very long way.”

And no matter what happens, they always remember that they share a dugout, so to speak. 

“We have this thing we say, it’s like, we root for the home team,” said Maci. “So even sometimes when we do feel like we’re opponents, it’s no, we root for the home team.”

And whenever they feel all the carpooling, homework-overseeing and the millions of other things it takes to successfully run a family has them hitting a boiling point, agreed Taylor, “I think we do a good job of taking a step back and being like, ‘Hey, we’re on the same team.'” 


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