‘Terrifier 3’ Casts Daniel Roebuck as Santa Claus


The Big Picture

  • Christmas comes early with Santa Claus joining Art the Clown in
    Terrifier 3
    for a bloody holiday horror spree.
  • Genre veteran Daniel Roebuck excitedly takes on the role of jolly old Saint Nick in this chilling adventure.
  • Terrifier 3
    releases on October 25, 2024, promising a frosty franchise return filled with gruesome murder sprees.

Horror fans are just about six months away until the release of Terrifier 3. The third entry in director Damian Leone’s brutal slasher series is bringing some bloody Christmas cheer this holiday season. However, even in this demented genre, you can’t have Christmas without Santa Claus. Now, it’s been announced that genre veteran Daniel Roebuck has been cast as jolly old Saint Nick in Art the Clown’s next frightening adventure.

Bloody Disgusting exclusively broke the story and Roebuck couldn’t have been more excited about joining this beloved modern slasher franchise. “I’ve been holding this secret for a long time!”, the actor said before topping the news off with, “I’ve been really excited about it. I’m actually entering into the movies that I watch. It’s extraordinary. This is Terrifier bigger, badder, best.” A first-look image of Roebuck in costume accompanied the announcement. He’s as happy as can be, like he was in a “normal” Christmas film. However, as the gruesome teaser promised, this is far from your average feel-good holiday tale. The teaser poster even horrifically had Art coming down the chimney wearing Santa’s face as a necklace around his neck. Art’s been getting in the holiday spirit too, dressing up as the iconic winter figure. However, whether the Santa around this killer’s neck is the real one or just an ill-fated mall poser remains to be seen. Whatever the case may be, Santa Claus Lane is going to be painted blood-red. Roebuck has previously appeared in the genre as a frequent Rob Zombie collaborator. He starred in Halloween II, The Devil’s Rejects, 3 From Hell, and the director’s recent take on The Munsters.

You’d Better Watch Out… You’d Better Not Cry

When we last left Miles County, Lauren LaVera’s Sienna Shaw, introduced in Terrifier 2, defeated Art in an epic battle that left the slasher villain in such a state of disrepair that the monster literally had to get reborn. While they think Art’s reign of terror is over, Miles County is in for a big surprise on Christmas Eve when this demonic force returns for their most gruesome murder-spree yet. LaVera is returning alongside David Howard Thornton, Elliott Fullam, and Chris Jericho. Fans would have just been excited if this was another Art film set on Halloween, but the Christmas angle has only added frosted fuel to this sequel’s highly anticipated fire. There have been so many legendary horror films set during the “most wonderful time of year”. Black Christmas, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Krampus, and Better Watch Out, just to name a few. Knowing that this indie franchise is joining that rich legacy is smile-inducing for fans who love their Christmas classics a little more blood-red. It will also be exciting to see what kind of Santa Roebuck will be playing. Will it be a more recognizable take on the character like Edmund Gwenn in 42nd Street or something edgier like David Harbour in Violent Night? That speculation is just part of the fun of this upcoming frosty franchise return.

When Does ‘Terrifier 3’ Release?

Terrifier 3 is slashing into theaters on October 25, 2024. It’s close to wrapping production, so fans should be expecting the next trailer in the near future.


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