The Dare Coachella 2024 Photo Diary


If you know The Dare, you know he's the party. The Brooklyn musician's famous DJ Freakquencies series has graced stages from New York's Silencio to Los Angeles' Playboy Gala. But on April 13, he brought the show to his biggest stage yet: Coachella, belting out the tunes at dusk in the Do LaB tent.

I was personally there to witness how he transformed the free-spirited electronic vibe into a hard, throbbing Bushwick rager with a bass-heavy electroclash set (which included his own anthem “Sex”), all while wearing , what else? – his signature full suit. But the festivities didn't start or end there, as her candid NYLON photo diary reveals. Follow along as she bounced through a weekend of parties, hangovers and wicked pools, below.

“The house where everything horrible happened.”

“Some of the many drinks we consumed over the weekend.”

“Liam increases the capacity of the house tenfold.”

“Have a delicious healthy meal, California style.”

“Two menacing monsters who approached me backstage.”

“Me and all the beautiful people at Do LaB.”

“Lying on the floor the next day unable to move.”

“Chris hydrating and re-alcoholizing at Ed Banger's party.”

“Gentlemen look elegant and handsome.”

“Bobby Bottleservice and Benjamin Backshots”.

“The last thing you see before you die.”


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