The Murderous “Mindf–k” at the Heart of Lover, Stalker, Killer


Liz was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole (plus 20 years for arson) and the now-48-year-old remains incarcerated at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women, according to online records.

“She obviously does not take responsibility for what happened,” Leslie Rule, who unpacked the case in her 2020 book A Tangled Web, told ABC News. Liz had sent her letters from prison, writing, “‘I will not stop fighting until I am set free and they find the right person.'”

Jim marveled at the “level of cold-heartedness” that allowed Liz to act as she did when Cari’s son Max reached out on Facebook with questions only his mom would know the answer to, in order to see if the person posting in Cari’s name was really her. 

“I don’t know how that doesn’t break anybody’s heart, but it didn’t affect her one bit,” Jim told USA Today ahead of the premiere of Lover, Stalker, Killer. “She didn’t care that she was hurting Cari’s mom, her child, or anything. Not one bit of remorse.”

In the documentary, Nancy credited Jim, Ryan and Tony for no less than saving her sanity.

“They’ll always be my boys,” she said. “They’re fantastic at what they do. If it hadn’t been for them, I’d still be in the dark, now.”


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