The Next ‘Bridgerton’ Love Story Should Center Around Benedict

The Next ‘Bridgerton’ Love Story Should Center Around Benedict


Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers for Bridgerton Season 3 as well as Julia Quinn's Bridgerton novels.

The big picture

  • Benedict is rumored to be the star of
    Season 4 because of his self-discovery and revelation about his sexuality.
  • Other Bridgerton brothers still need time for their stories, making Benedict the most viable choice for the spotlight.
  • Given his personal revelations, Benedict might even have a same-sex romance, showing
    Gearing up for queer love stories.

With one more season of Bridgerton, it's time once again to speculate about which sibling will be the star of the show's next season. Initially, in its first two runs, it seemed that the show was going to fulfill the order of the Bridgerton novels published by Julia Quinnwith Daphne's (Phoebe Dynevor) romance with the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) followed by Anthony's (Jonathan Bailey) story of rivals to lovers with Kate (Simon Ashley). However, that quickly changed when Season 3 with Colin was announced (Luke Newton) and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) as clues. The Tale of Benedict Bridgerton (Luke Thompson) and his beloved Sophie was sidelined, to be explored in a later season. And well, it might be time to put Benedict in the spotlight.

Bridgerton Season 3 ends with a lot going on for a handful of the titular family's children. Francesca (Hannah Dodd) has just married Lord John Stirling (Victor Alli) and he might also have met the love of his life in the form of his cousin, Michaela (Masali Baduza). Eloise (Claudia Jessie) is taking a trip to Scotland with her younger sister, and who knows how many eligible bachelors she might meet up north? As for Benedict, he just learned a very important fact about himself and is now free to explore his pansexuality as he sees fit. Maybe with a central romance? As you can see, there's a lot up in the air, and Season 4 can devote its minutes of screen time to any Bridgerton Showrunner Jess Brownell decides to go. Even violet (Ruth Gemmel) something happens to him!

However, it is simply Benedict's time to shine. The second born Bridgerton she's had tentative romances in the background of her siblings' love stories for three seasons. He has earned his moment in the sun. In addition, he has also been trying to find himself for a long time, and Season 3 has given him an essential part of a person's personality: a full understanding of their own sexuality. With all the pieces in place, she has everything she needs to find love. Maybe even in another man? Who knows? With Michaela, Bridgerton has indicated that he's ready to start focusing on queer love stories, but Benedict could be the first of his siblings with a same-sex love interest. Finally, with all his brothers and sisters still single, or soon to be widowed, still needing time for their stories to blossom, the time is right for Benedict to take the lead.

'Bridgerton' Season 3 ends with a big reveal for Benedict

Benedict has had his fair share of romances between Season 1 and Season 3. In fact, in each new season, he has been linked with a new woman. In Season 1, she was Genevieve (Kathryn Drysdale), the dressmaker, with whom Benet participated in his first trio. Things seemed to be going somewhere, and Benedict even told Anthony about the affair, but Season 2 saw him get involved with Tessa (Emily Barber), a naked model with whom he spends a passionate night. Once again, the relationship was short-lived. Season 3 sees him in the arms of the widow Lady Tilley Arnold, and this time things get serious, but not because Benedict and Tilley get married in the end. While Tilley is leaning towards taking their affair to the next level, Benedict decides to stay single a little longer, all because he wants to explore a new side of himself that he just discovered.

After another trio, this time with Lady Tilley and her dear friend Paul (Lucas Aurelio), Benet realizes that he is also attracted to men. Bridgerton has hinted at this possibility since Season 1, when Benedict reacted with interest to two men hooking up at a party, but until now, it's all been kept on a purely theoretical level. now, Benedict wants to live his sexuality to the fullest, and to waste it on another background romance when our boy has already had so many would be a mistake. The best course of action for Bridgerton could be take A gentleman's offerSophie and gender make her feel, making Benedict's love story the first same-sex romance involving a lead on the show, either that or with Sophie, but it makes it clear that they have an open relationship, which Benedict would be clearly partial to consider. his rejection of marriage and traditional society.


What will happen to Lady Whistledown after 'Bridgerton' season 3?

What's life without a little gossip?

Benet's understanding of his sexuality is also the culmination of a long process of self-discovery. Since Season 1, he's been trying to find his place in the world as a second child with no predetermined roles to fulfill. Unlike Anthony, Benedict inherits no title and can therefore choose his own path in the world, within the limitations of the ton, of course. During seasons 1 and 2, he tries to explore an art career as a painter, but ends up throwing it all away when he discovers that his older brother basically bought his entrance to the Royal Academy with a large donation. Figuring out who you are sexually and/or romantically might be too the clue that Benedict needs to find out what he was made for — and it would be a shame if all this happened again in the background of someone else's romance.

The other Bridgerton brothers still need time for their stories

Benedict Bridgerton sitting at a table with cards and lemonade in Season 3 of Bridgerton
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There's also the question of whose romance we'll even see unfolding center stage, if not Benet's. Sure, Season 3 seemed to end up firing in all directions, but let's face it, only one of those bullets seems like it's going to hit its target. In Eloise's book, she creates a bond through letters to Sir Phillip Crane (Chris Fulton) and finally agrees to marry a man she has never met. At this time, Sir Phillip is still married to Marina (Ruby Barker) and needs time to become a widower, as well as to receive his first letter from Eloise. The same goes for Francesca. It would just be too depressing, even considering the inherent sadness When he was evilfor her to get married only to lose her husband seconds after leaving the altar. Francesca needs time losing her husband, not to mention mourning his death, before properly starting her courtship with Michaela. As for the hyacinth (Florence Hunt) and Gregory (Will Tilston), well, they have to grow up before they find love.

That leaves only one sibling eligible. Benedict is not only the best choice Bridgerton Season 4 is the only viable one. With no one or anything standing in their way, it was time Bridgerton to adapt A gentleman's offer. As he falls in love with Sophie or whatever they decide to call her, Francesca may experience her first moments of wedded bliss, made not so happy by Michaela's presence, and Eloise may learn of Marina's death, as well as growing up in a way that makes sense for her to start sending letters to Phillip Crane. After so much time as a supporting character in her siblings' romantic adventures, Benedict's time has come in a way the show can't deny.

“Bridgerton” seems to point to a Benedict-centric season 4

And he doesn't even try. The latest episode of Bridgerton Season 3 features Benedict and Eloise discussing a masquerade that their mother Violet is planning to throw as soon as the next ball season starts. For those who know the books, this masquerade is precisely the dance where Benedict meets Sophiethe bastard daughter of an earl who becomes a maid in a recreation of cinderella. In Collider's own interview, Luke Thompson stated that he cannot confirm right now what this conversation between his character and Eloise means. “Yes, a masquerade dance is absolutely mentioned, but they've changed the books before,” he said. “We're still very much in Season 3 land. I don't have those conversations ahead of time. I think that would be something for the writers at this stage.” Still, the writers wouldn't leave such an obvious clue if they were about to change the books yet again, would they?

Through a romance with a maid, Benedict's story could also help Brigderton expand your universe. The show has shown signs that it wants to go beyond the traditional young straight romance. It wants to explore queer couples, marriages of convenience, love that blossoms after death… and why not a love that dares to challenge the boundaries imposed by the ton? So far, through his more libertine ways, Benedict has introduced us to parts of Regency London that even Anthony is a stranger to. Through it, we have contacted artists, the working class and widows who are in control of their sexuality. Why not keep the streak going and throw Mayfair's doors wide open with a love story involving a maid? One thing is certain: as the reveal of Lady Whistledown's identity at the end of Season 3 suggests, Bridgerton is about to evolve into a different, but equally wonderful show. I dedicating a season to Benet seems like the right way to introduce this change.

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