‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ Sneak Peek — Mulgarath Seeks the Field Guide


The big picture

  • The Spiderwick Chronicles
    premieres April 19 on Roku after being removed from Disney+, bringing the beloved fantasy to life.
  • Christian Slater plays Mulgarath in the series, searching for a powerful book while dealing with Grace's children.
  • The adaptation expands on the original books by introducing new characters and mysteries, offering a fresh take on the beloved series.

Before its release, The Hollywood Reporter revealed an exclusive clip from the upcoming fantasy series, The Spiderwick Chronicles. Originally slated to appear on Disney+, the platform cut the series from its 2024 schedule. In a stroke of luck, The SpiderwickChronicles found a new home on Roku and will premiere on April 19th. The series follows the three Grace children as they encounter a supernatural world when they move to the titular Spiderwick estate. And as with any Narnia-adjacent series, there needs to be a larger-than-life villain.

Christian Slater appears in the clip as Mulgarath, who is searching for a book known as the Field guide. The pages detail different kinds of fantastical creatures, and he's eager to get his hands on them. The only thing standing in their way is the Grace siblings' great-aunt, Lucinda (Charlayne Woodard), who was supposed to have the location. In the clip, Mulgarath learns that getting the pages won't be so easy. As Mulgarath drags Lucinda through the woods, he instructs her on leaving to warn the Grace brothers of Mulgarath's intentions.

“I can't tell you how or where to get the pages because I don't know,” Lucinda tells Mulgarath triumphantly. To prevent him from getting the book, he erased his memory of the Field guides location. As Mulgarath astutely points out, this makes her useless and probably not longing for this world. Theorizing where the future of the series will go could be difficult, even for book readers, as the series deviates from the novels it is based on.

What to expect from 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'

It hasn't been easy to get to the current adaptation of the beloved children's series. There was a 2008 feature film adaptation of the series, but it didn't generate enough interest to merit a sequel. After successes like Percy Jackson and the Olympiansa Spiderwick Adaptation would seem like an easy decision for Disney. But the eight-episode season could only find purchase on Roku's streaming platform.

But that's what makes a series like this exciting. Since the books follow the siblings as they embark on small adventures, the series expands on the mythology to tell a more resonant story. The first book revolves around the children who anger a being called Thimbletack, with whom they must make amends. The series augments these events by including characters from other books, such as Mulgarath and Lucinda. While there may be some book purists out there, expanding on the source material is a way to honor it and make for an engaging series. Viewers can explore the mysteries of Spiderwick themselves when the series airs on The Roku Channel on April 19. Watch the clip below:

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2024)

Follow the Grace family as they move from Brooklyn, New York to their ancestral home in Henson, Michigan, the Spiderwick Estate.

Publication date
April 19, 2024

Christian Slater, Lyon Daniels, Noah Cottrell, Joy Bryant, Mychala Lee, Jack Dylan Grazer

Streaming service(s).
The Roku Channel


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