The Ways the X-MEN ’97 Opening Credits Change Every Episode


The opening credits sequence for X-Men ’97 is incredibly faithful to the one for the ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series. At first glance, you might think it’s exactly the same as it was before. But there are subtle changes to the opening sequence with each episode. These changes include many Easter eggs referring to the original animated show, as well as the classic Marvel comics. Let’s break them down, episode by episode.

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X-Men ’97 Episode 1,”To Me, My X-Men”

Updated images from the opening credits of X-Men '97, episode one.
Marvel Animation

The first episode of X-Men ’97 rather faithfully recreated the original X-Men: The Animated Series opening credits. But from the get-go, there were some changes. The entire team is inside the Blackbird cockpit now, including Jubilee. Jean Grey no longer wears her ponytail, and Storm is sporting her new mohawk. Both Morph and Bishop are added to the “roll call” in the credits. Morph also has a moment where he’s tormented by Mister Sinister. In the final showdown, where the X-Men and their enemies are running towards each other, Lady Deathstrike and the White Queen replace Thunderbird and Gargoyle.

X-Men ’97 Episode 2 “Mutant Liberation Now”

Updated images from the opening credits of X-Men '97, episode two.
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The second episode sees Magneto in his new costume as the first X-Man we see in the credits, effectively replacing Professor X. Although we still see Charles in the credits, right before the title card comes up. Other additions include Storm fighting and beating Callisto in the Morlock tunnels, from the original series episode “Captive Hearts.” We see a brief moment of Jean Grey in full Dark Phoenix mode from the original series’ adaptation of “The Dark Phoenix Saga.” We catch a glimpse of Bishop tumbling through time from the original show’s “Days of Future Past” adaptation. Finally, we see Magneto’s orbiting base Asteroid M, from the X-Men: The Animated Series fourth season episode “Sanctuary.”

X-Men ’97 Episode 3 “Fire Made Flesh”

Updated images from the opening credits of X-Men '97, episode three.
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For the third X-Men ’97 episode’s credits, new additions include a brief shot of the X-Men fighting Magneto. This is from the second episode of the classic series, “Enter: Magneto.” We see mutant Roberto da Costa, chased by the angry mob running toward a chain link fence, just as Jubilee did. Next we see Empress Lilandra of the Shi’ar with Charles Xavier, in a moment from “The Dark Phoenix Saga.” We also witness Jean Grey’s sacrifice in that same episode, in front of a very distraught Cyclops. Finally, there’s a shot of Rogue and Gambit on the basketball court. This scene is a recreation of Jim Lee’s art from 1992’s X-Men #4.

X-Men ’97 Episode 4 “Motendo” and “Lifedeath Pt. 1”

Updated images from the opening credits of X-Men '97, episode four.
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For the episode four credits, Jean Grey is back in her original X-Men: The Animated Series ponytail, letting us know this is the real Jean, and not the clone Madelyne Pryor. We also catch a glimpse of Jubilee saving the other-dimensional warrior Longshot from Mojo is from the X-Men: The Animated Series episode “Longshot” from season three. Next is a moment is from the classic episode “Cold Comfort,” which introduced Iceman to X-Men: The Animated Series continuity. We see Forge with the government-sponsored team X-Factor, including Lorna Dane/Polaris. Finally, we see Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, making telepathic contact with Charles Xavier. This is also from “The Dark Phoenix Saga” episodes of the classic show.

We expect many more new scenes and Easter eggs added to the opening credits as each new episode of X-Men ’97 drops on Disney+.


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