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With a November release date in the United States, Ruth Wilson-led psychological drama The Woman in the Wall is set to explore one of the darkest periods in Ireland’s history: the barbaric Magdalene Laundries. Created by religious organizations in the 1700s, the Magdalene Laundries housed the “fallen women” of society: young women pregnant outside of wedlock, sex workers, and even women who were simply unlucky enough to have no financial support from family members. The women in these laundries were forced to participate in grueling hard labor, with rules and strict regimes comparable to a prison. Some might jump to the assumption that The Woman in the Wall is a period piece, but the shocking truth is that the last of these institutions didn’t close its doors until the late 1990s. In The Woman in the Wall, Ruth Wilson stars as Lorna Brady, a woman still traumatized from her time in a Magdalene Laundry as a young pregnant lady. When the now-adult Lorna wakes from an episode of sleepwalking to find an unknown corpse in her home, the dark secrets of her past slowly begin to unravel.

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The Woman in the Wall

Release Date
January 19, 2023

Daryl McCormack, Simon Delaney, Mark Huberman, Frances Tomelty, Ruth Wilson

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Joe Murtagh

Showtime, BBC

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Joe Murtagh

When and Where to Watch ‘The Woman in the Wall’?

Detective Colman Akande (Daryl McCormack) and Lorna Brady (Ruth Wilson) in The Woman in the Wall
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Despite eager fans in the United States having had a longer wait than those in other parts of the world, we can officially confirm that The Woman in the Wall’s premiere date will be on January 19, 2024, streaming on Paramount+ and on January 21 on Showtime.

The Woman in the Wall is a joint production between the BBC and Showtime and was first released in the United Kingdom on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in August 2023. Ruth Wilson’s captivating performance, as well as the show’s gothic horror undertones, were praised by television critics.

Following a recent merger, Showtime is now available via Paramount+, home to many popular favorites, including survival thriller Yellowjackets. Plans start at $11.99 per month.

Watch the Trailers for ‘The Woman in the Wall’

The official trailer of ‘The Woman in the Wall‘ was released on August 11, by BBC.

Showtime released a short teaser for The Woman in the Wall on their official YouTube channel in August 2023. In the video, we see flashbacks to a young Lorna at the Magdalene Laundry screaming as her child is being taken away. The teaser also shows us the older Lorna, still clearly incapacitated from the trauma of this life-changing experience, and suffering from nocturnal blackouts that lead to her waking up in the middle of a road. As the investigation deepens in the present day, Akande reaches his emotional limit with each new horror unearthed. Interestingly, a mysterious handwritten note is briefly shown, containing the one sentence that can potentially end Lorna’s torment for good: “I know what happened to your child.” Compelling, tragic, and at times explosive, The Woman in the Wall looks set to become one of the strongest thrillers of the year.

What Is ‘The Woman in the Wall’ About?

Cast member Ruth Wilson on TV Show 'The Woman in the Wall'
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Described as a psychological thriller, a crime drama, a mystery, and a gothic horror, The Woman in the Wall is not for the faint of heart. The show centers on troubled Lorna Brady, a woman suffering from extreme episodes of sleepwalking, which began when she experienced the trauma of being confined to one of Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries as a pregnant young woman. Episode one of The Woman in the Wall begins with an adult Lorna awakening from one of these episodes to find the corpse of a woman in her home. With no idea who the victim is, and most importantly, whether she was responsible for the victim’s demise, Lorna is swept into an investigation overseen by Detective Colman Akande. When another suspicious death occurs and Akande begins to investigate the dark truth about the Magdalene Laundries, Lorna’s shocking past is slowly revealed as she searches for the baby girl she was forced to give up.

Who Stars in ‘The Woman in the Wall’?

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Featuring an impressive cast, The Woman in the Wall is led by Ruth Wilson (His Dark Materials) as Lorna Brady and Daryl McCormack (Peaky Blinders) as Detective Colman Akande, with Abby Fitz (Redemption) playing the younger version of Lorna. Joining them is Simon Delaney (The Conjuring 2) as Sergeant Aidan Massey, Philippa Dunne (Motherland) as Niamh, Mark Huberman (Vikings: Valhalla) as Michael Kearney, Hilda Fay (Fair City) as Amy Kane, Frances Tomelty (Catastrophe) as Sister Eileen, Dermot Crowley (Luther) as James Coyle, Cillian Lenaghan (The Spectacular) as Conor Skelly, Helen Roche (The Northman) as Peggy, Anne Kent (Fair City) as Deirdre, Fiona Bell (Shetland) as Aoife, Stephen Brennan (The Tudors) as Father Percy, Lynn Rafferty (Love/Hate) as Anna, and Caoimhe Farren (Derry Girls) and Ciara Stell — in her debut role — as Clemence.

Who Made ‘The Woman in the Wall’?

Lorna Brady (Ruth Wilson) holding an axe in The Woman in the Wall
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The Woman in the Wall was created for television by Joe Murtaugh (American Animals) and written by Murtaugh, Jamie Hannigan (Pilgrimage), and Margaret Perry in her series debut. Harry Wootliff (Only You) and Rachna Suri (Children of Men) are the show’s directors. Producers include Murtaugh, Wootliff, and Ruth Wilson, alongside Susan Breen (Bad Sisters), Sam Lavender (The Lobster), and Simon Maxwell (Deep State). David Holmes (Killing Eve) and Brian Irvine (Ordinary Love) provide the series’ music, with cinematography by Si Bell (Peaky Blinders) and Steven Cameron Ferguson (Breeders).

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