These Amazon spring-cleaning deals can help make your home spotless


These best spring cleaning deals on Amazon can help make your home spotless


Spring is here, and that means it’s time to tackle all those house-cleaning tasks that have piled up over the winter. Spring cleaning means getting out your stick vacuum and doing a pass over carpeted areas; grabbing a mop and tidying up all the hard floors; and pulling out all your furniture to make sure all those dust bunnies are gone. That’s just for starters, though. If you plan on going hard when it comes to tidying up, you’re going to need all the cleaning supplies you can get. 

Best spring cleaning deals at Amazon

Yes, vacuums and mops can be pricey. If you want high-quality and affordable cleaning tools you can rely on, there’s great news: We’ve found them on sale right now at Amazon. Whether you need a handheld vacuum to clean between your couch cushions or an electric scrubber to make your bathroom sparkle, you can find a little something at Amazon to help you tackle even the most monumental cleaning jobs. 

Tineco Pure One S11 cordless vacuum ($60 off with instant coupon)


Need to do some heavy-duty cleaning without heavy spending? This budget-friendly stick vacuum can handle whatever you throw at it.

It uses strong suction to easily tackle messes on carpets, rugs, hardwood and more. Plus, its 130W motor offers a powerful clean without making too much of a ruckus.

Most importantly, however, is its special sensor technology that detects hidden dirt. Once it senses dirt and debris in your carpet, it automatically adjusts its suction power for a better clean and to save battery when needed.

The four-stage filtration captures fine dust and allergens, emitting only clean air. This makes it ideal for homeowners concerned about allergens or pet dander.

All that, plus it has a convertible design. With a few quick motions, it can transform into a handheld vac, so you can clean the rest of your home inside and out with confidence. 

For a limited time, Amazon is offering an instant $60 off coupon when you purchase this $300 vacuum, so you’ll pay just $240.

Dyson Gen5detect (27% off)

Dyson Gen5detect


The Dyson Gen5detect stick vacuum justifies its premium price tag with industry-leading power and cutting-edge technology. It boasts a motor spinning at a blazing 135,000 RPM, far above standard competitors -– so you can count on a deep clean. 

The suction tech pairs with whole-machine HEPA filtration to capture 99.99% of particles and 99.9% of viruses for the squeaky clean carpet and hard flooring you deserve this spring (and every part of the year). 

The cleaner head includes a lighting system to illuminate dust other vacuums miss. Engineers positioned the light source low in the head to project onto floor surfaces.

The Gen5detect also features a built-in dusting and crevice tool, 70 minutes of fade-free suction, and an LCD interface displaying real-time particle detection.

Right now, you can get the Dyson Gen5detect vacuum at Amazon for 27% off, making it $698, down from its normal price tag of $950. 

That’s an excellent price for this high-tech Dyson option that won’t leave you hanging when it comes to spring cleaning -– especially if you want to see where all that pesky dirt may be hiding. 

Shark S5003D Genius pocket steam mop (15% off)

Shark S5003D Genius pocket steam mop


Keeping a steam mop on hand is a great idea if you need to clean up a mess quickly or don’t have carpeting in your home. This Shark mop is an economical option that’s quick, easy to use and affordable.

There’s a 220mL water tank with three settings to choose from, and it distributes steam throughout the mop head, creating a larger cleaning zone for the grip pad to lock in dirt. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can use the manual steam-blasting nozzle to loosen dirt from stubborn areas.

When you’re finished cleaning, you can use the one-button release to drop the mop’s cleaning pad into your dirty laundry pile. No one wants to touch gross mopheads, so avoid all that with this efficient system.

Right now, you can get this Shark mop for $110, which is 15% off its normal price of $130 at Amazon. 

Roborock Q5+ (14% off)

Roborock Q5+


Don’t want to do all the vacuuming on your own? Leave it to the robots. This sleek, self-emptying robot vacuum is a great pick for beginners and experienced users alike. Its main draw is its ability to use LiDAR navigation to create 3D maps of your home that you can view and edit in real-time to avoid obstacles.

With 2700 Pa of suction power, it can instantly remove embedded dirt, pet hair and debris from carpets and hard floors. Plus it has a long-lasting battery that automatically recharges when docked, so you never have to manually plug it in.

The self-emptying dock can hold up to seven weeks worth of dust in its bag, so you don’t need to rush to empty it yourself – you’re busy enough.  You can also set up customized cleaning routines via the app.

With intelligent mapping, powerful suction, hassle-free emptying and recharging, and customizable schedules, this robot vacuum handles all vacuuming tasks with minimal effort. Simply set it up and let it keep your floors spotless. 

This robot vacuum is up for grabs right now at Amazon for just $400 when you take advantage of the $200 off instant coupon on the product page. It has earned a 4.2-star rating on Amazon (based on 2,800+ ratings).

iRobot Braava Jet M6 (22% off)

iRobot Braava Jet M6


This compact robot mop may be small, but it’s still super powerful. It’s perfect for handling messes in multiple rooms as well as picking up debris on hardwood flooring like linoleum, laminate, tile, stone and more. 

Its advanced navigation tech allows it to map room layouts and avoid obstacles like stairs. It can run on a set schedule or clean on-demand via voice commands or the mobile app.

This is a super versatile robot mop that can breeze through spring cleaning and daily mopping tasks so you don’t have to. Its robust navigation, recharging ability, voice-app controls and affordable price make it a fantastic choice for just about any family. This robot has earned a 3.9-star rating (based on more than 8,700 ratings on Amazon).

Right now, you can get it for 22% off at Amazon, which makes it just $350, reduced from its usual price of $450. That’s a $100 savings you don’t want to pass up. 

Voweek electric spin scrubber (50% off plus $15 on-page coupon)



The extendable 3.5-plus-foot pole and 360-degree rotating head make for easy scrubbing when it comes to hard-to-reach spots like high shower walls. That way you can tidy up all those higher-up areas without straining your back.

It features two speed modes and four specialized brush attachments: large and small flat brushes, a corner brush, and a dome brush. That way you can cycle through each option to see which one is better and more efficient. 

The long-lasting battery provides 1.5 hours of continuous runtime per charge, which is longer than you can expect from most vacuums. It’s a great companion to a mop in your bathroom, that’s for sure.

This social media-famous spin scrubber is currently on sale at Amazon for 50% off, plus you can clip a $15 on-page coupon to save even more. This brings the price down to $35. Its normal price is $100, so if you need a scrubber, you’d better act fast to snag this deal.

Amazon Basics cordless handheld vacuum: $35 (38% off)

Amazon Basics Cordless Handheld Vacuum


When it comes to finding well-priced, high quality products on Amazon, you typically can’t go wrong with any of the items that are part of the Amazon Basics product line. And right now, if you’re in need of a portable, handheld vacuum to clean up small messes around your home in in your car, this one from Amazon Basics is on sale for 38% off. This brings the price down to just $35.

This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for quick everyday pick-ups and detailed cleaning. It’s perfect for sucking up crumbs, hair or dust from difficult to reach places. And weighing in at only 1.3 pounds, it’s super compact and lightweight for easy cleaning and carrying.

The rechargeable battery provides up to 12 minutes of interrupted cleaning (on a full charge). However, charging is easy with any standard USB AC adapter (not included) and the included USB charging cable. This vacuum comes with a dusting brush and crevice tool. It measures just  2.8 x 2.8 x 12.2 inches.

Homexcel microfiber cleaning cloths (50 pack): $17 (save 15%)

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (12 Pack)


Think of all the money you could save during your spring cleaning projects by using microfiber cleaning cloths instead of traditional paper towels — and you’ll be helping the environment, too. RIght now on Amazon, you can snag 50 of these 11.5-x-11.5-inch microfiber cleaning cloths (that come in green, blue, yellow and pick) for just $17 — that’s a savings of 15% off their usual $20 price.

These microfiber cleaning cloths have earned an impressive 4.6-star rating (out of more than 22,200 ratings) on Amazon, which means people are loving them. They’re ideal for cleaning your bathroom, worktop, kitchen, windows, or even your car and other delicate surfaces. Using water or cleaner, you can achieve streak-free and neat results. Each cloth is made from 87% polyester and 13% polyamide, so they’re soft to the touch and lint-free. In other words, they won’t scratch or damage any finishes. 

And best of all, these cleaning towels can be used repeatedly — hundreds of times. With reinforced edges, they are designed to be long-lasting. After each use, simply rinse them off or throw them into your washing machine.

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