These deals on Blink doorbells and cameras will help you thwart porch pirates this spring


Blink video doorbell and cameras


Springtime is here, and the warmer temperatures can bring out the audaciousness in porch pirates. Some folks just aren’t averse to strolling around and yanking packages right from your doorstep. Your friends and family might even decide to drop in unnoticed a little more often –- and miss you when you’re out and about. No matter the scenario, now is a great time to invest in a video doorbell or security camera

Right now, Amazon has up to 40% off a selection of Blink home security deals on everything you need to help keep your home, family and items safe. Blink, an Amazon brand, offers indoor and outdoor cameras as well as video doorbells so you can keep a watchful eye over your home. They’re great for day or night, too. They all offer high-quality night vision, a live video feed, and motion alerts that you can access right from your smartphone.

All of these Blink products are currently on sale at Amazon for up to 40% off. It’s a great time to invest in your home security, especially if you just brought home new furniture, a new TV, or other items to refresh your home as part of your spring cleaning routine. 

Blink video doorbell and outside camera bundle: $104 (35% off)

Blink Video Doorbell + 1 Outdoor 4 smart security camera


The Blink video doorbell is a great option to help protect your home (and your packages) by using your smartphone. It can even be used in tandem with other easy-to-install home security cameras from Blink for additional coverage. 

This bundle deal serves up the bestselling Blink video doorbell and one Blink outdoor video camera for comprehensive coverage outside your home. This way, you don’t have to choose between security for inside or out and are covered either way, no matter what goes bump in the night. 

Even if you leave home, you can keep tabs on what’s going on while out and about. Plus, you can answer your door regardless of where you are, be instantly alerted if the doorbell picks up any motion near your door, and even communicate with people via the app’s two-way comms system. 

Need to save footage? You’ll get 1080p resolution recordings with both the doorbell camera and a separate outdoor camera, so nothing will go unseen if you need to be extra vigilant. 

Blink Mini (set of three): $70 (12% off)

Blink Mini set of 3


The Blink Mini is a compact version of the Blink camera, and it’s small but quite mighty. 

Unlike the larger battery-powered versions, the Mini needs to be plugged in, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on functionality. You’ll still be able to view your surroundings with live video as well as two-way audio and night vision.  

The Mini can also chime and provide alerts from the Blink video doorbell if you have one. That makes it a great companion option to go with your main camera setup or if you have larger areas in your home that needs satellite cameras. 

Right now,  you can get this set of three Blink Mini cameras for 12% off, which makes them just $70. 

Blink Outdoor with floodlight: $78 (40% off)

Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera


Want to keep an eye on everything that goes bump in the night? The Blink Outdoor with floodlight can illuminate it all and them some. 

It includes all of the features of the standard Blink Outdoor camera, with an added 700-lumen floodlight. The light is motion-triggered to help the camera see anyone or anything that is moving around your home or yard at night. It can also be turned on by voice command using a paired Amazon Alexa device.

You can snag one of these incredibly bright outdoor cameras for just $78 right now, or 40% off its normal price.

Blink Outdoor (4th generation) 5-camera bundle: $228 (43% off)

Blink outdoor bundle


Secure your home with this set of five Blink Outdoor cameras at a significant discount. 

The Blink Outdoor is a water-resistant security camera designed to monitor the outside of your home. It features two-way audio, motion detection and a live video stream. It’s also battery-operated and has a two-year battery life, so you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to power each camera.

You can get all five cameras right now for $228, or 43% off their usual price.  If you have a large home and need additional coverage for every nook and cranny of your property, this is an excellent deal.

Blink whole home bundle: $137 (27% off)

Blink Whole Home Bundle


Secure a bundle with everything you need to keep a watchful eye over your home: the Blink video doorbell, Outdoor 4, Mini, and Sync Module 2.

Set up the Blink video doorbell to interact with whoever is at your door, and set up the Outdoor 4 to catch everything that happens beyond your front porch. You can set up a satellite camera view with the Mini, and use the Sync Module 2 to control everything from one central hub.

This bundle is available right now for $137, which is 27% off its normal price. If you’re not sure which devices to buy, start with this package for whole-home protection and you’ll be doing just fine. 

Blink video doorbell and Sync Module 2: $49 (30% off)

Blink Video Doorbell and Sync Module 2


Don’t need anything complicated? Get a wireless Blink video doorbell bundled with a Sync Module 2 and you’ll be set to see anything that happens outside your door, night or day.

See who’s at your door (and answer if you want to) anytime using your smartphone with this crystal clear, battery-powered camera. It offers custom alerts, a variety of privacy settings, and other convenient options.

Plus, the Sync Module 2 connects to your Wi-Fi network to handle your doorbell’s activity (and up to 10 if you have them). That means you can save clips from your doorbell without needing an additional subscription — and handle multiple devices if you need to.

You can get this bundle right now for just $49, or 30% off its normal price. 


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