These STAR WARS x RSVLTS Holiday Shirts Bring Lots of Geeky Cheer


Ready to celebrate the holidays in the galaxy far, far away? No, we don’t mean Wookie Life Day. But if you want to attempt Princess Leia’s song from the Star Wars Holiday Special, be our guest. No, we mean regular Earth holidays like Christmas and Chanukah. Well, the folks at RSVLTS have just the right Star Wars-inspired holiday shirts to wear this season, and they are so festive they will put Emperor Palpatine in the spirit. You can check out images of the three 2023 holiday season button-up shirts from RSVLTS right here:

Star Wars – “I Am Your Father Christmas”


The first shirt, “I Am Your Father Christmas,” shows Darth Vader in the Santa role, commandeering his sleigh through the skies. Only, instead of being led by flying reindeer, it’s flying Imperial AT-ATs. As Santa Vader flies past the Death Star, we can see his wrapped gifts of lightsabers, remotes for saber training, and an Imperial torture droid?? Just what little Luke always wanted to find under the tree. It comes in four styles: Men’s ($70), Long sleeve ($72), Women’s ($70), Preschool ($39), and Youth ($45).

Star Wars – “Festival of Lightsabers”

RSVLTS' Festival of Lights shirt.

Their next shirt celebrates Chanukah, droid style. Instead of a Festival of Lights, we get a Festival of Lightsabers. (The dad jokes keep on coming with these shirt names). This button-up shirt showcases the Rebel Alliance symbol as a menorah, surrounded by the lightsabers in question, and many versions of R2-D2. It comes in four styles: Men’s ($70), Long sleeves ($72), Women’s ($70), Preschool ($39), and Youth ($45).

Star Wars – “Vader’s Little Helpers”

RSVLTS' Vader's Little Helpers Star Wars shirt.

And now, we’re back to the Dark Lord of the Sith as Santa again. And Kris Kringle thought he had it bad when Jack Skellington replaced him. With “Vader’s Little Helpers,” we see Darth Vader running things in his factory in the North Pole (or i s that Hoth?) He’s even got Stormtroopers instead of Elves wrapping gifts. Like the previous two shirts, it also comes in four styles: Men’s ($70), Long sleeves ($72), Women’s ($70), Preschool ($39), and Youth ($45).

The RSVLTS 2023 Holiday collection shirts.

So get ready for the holiday season and grab one (or four) of these Star Wars RSVLTS as soon as possible.


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