This DISNEY LORCANA: INTO THE INKLANDS Enchanted Card Can Morph Into Anyone


Disney Lorcana‘s lore will expand with the upcoming release of Into the Inklands. The third chapter in Ravensburger‘s Disney animation-inspired trading card game comes with a different card type and some fresh faces. A fresh set of Disney Lorcana also means it’s time for new Enchanted cards! These cards are the rarest variety in the game and feature special artwork and foil. Today, Nerdist is happy to exclusively reveal one of Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands‘ Enchanted cards. It’s none other than Morph from Treasure Planet at his absolute shiniest.


This pink blob of space goo is one of my favorite parts of Treasure Planet, and given this card’s Mimicry ability, he’s about to be one of my favorite cards in Lorcana. This Emerald card allows any character with Shift to be played on it as if this character had any name. It’s very fitting for Morph, who can alter his shape into basically anything. And with the number of shift cards in Lorcana, this card gives you options in its regular or Enchanted forms. Though, we can’t imagine you’d be playing with an Enchanted card.

Enchanted cards are, to say the least, challenging to find. They’re so rare it’s not guaranteed you’ll pull one from a whole booster box of 288 cards. That rarity means Enchanted cards are the most valuable in the game. If I was lucky enough to pull an Enchanted Morph card from a pack, I wouldn’t sell him though. I’d double-sleeve this beauty and then kiss his little face.

Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands will first release at local game stores on February 23, 2024. Mass market retailers will get the third set on March 8, 2024.


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