Tragic Details About Robbie Williams


Robbie Williams has lived through countless personal and professional obstacles, disappointments, failures, and tragedies, and has always lived to see (and sing) another day. But in 2023, one of his concerts became the setting of tragic accident for one of his fans. After the conclusion of Williams’ November 16 show at Allianz Stadium in Moore Park, Sydney, Australia, a woman in attendance fell six rows from the stands as she was attempting to circumvent the crowded stairs on her way out. She suffered injuries to her face and head and was taken to the hospital in critical condition and placed in a medical coma. The woman, Robyn Hall, died four days later. 

The venue released a statement, writing, “This is a terribly sad incident and our thoughts and wishes are with the patron and their family during this time.” Williams didn’t officially address the unfortunate incident the night it occurred, though he did thank his fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, for a wonderful first night of his latest tour. He has since told an audience (via The Guardian) that, “When something happens like this it breaks my heart,” noting that he’d been thinking about it constantly.

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