Wait a Minute, David Cronenberg Made a Racing Movie?


The big picture

  • David Cronenberg's
    fast company
    deviates from its horror style with a commercial and action-packed racing film.
  • The film has a simple plot that ultimately features an encounter atmosphere rather than deep symbolism.
  • While lacking his signature tone, Cronenberg's solid camerawork and documentary-style shots enhance the racing action.

If you're in the mood for a film that will make you puke, all you have to do is delve into the sick works of David Cronenberg. For decades, Cronenberg has shocked audiences, mutilated bodies, and blown off the heads of characters in one horror classic after another. Everyone knows how the heavy hitters scanners, videodromeand of course The fly, but Cronenberg has a lot more to his name than that. Fans of the genre should not miss his strange debut, Stereo (tile 3B of a CAEE educational mosaic). They should also be sure to check out their low-budget vampire-zombie hybrid, angry — An absolute journey in itself. Don't forget about his return to the cinema in 2022 Crimes of the future. Cronenberg's films are always steeped in symbolism. Whether he's exploring disease, criticizing aspects of the hippie movement or divorce trials, Cronenberg is rarely one to take his ideas straight. Genre films often work in this mode, but few filmmakers make their projects so raw and deep at the same time. Cronenberg isn't just a gore-head, he's a genius who takes pop culture iconography, pushes it to its filthiest extreme, and also makes you think all the time. Nobody does it like David.

What happens when the man himself doesn't play his own game? Well, you end up with an anomaly like fast company. Cronenberg has directed quite a few non-horror films, but never before has he strayed from his trademark voice like he did here. fast company it's a straight up racing movie! It's full of high-speed cars, death-defying stunts, plenty of beer, sports rivalries and a cast of blue-collar American characters. Despite all these high-octane products, the picture has an almost anonymous author stamp. Anyone could have directed this movie! This might make him stick out like a sore thumb in Cronenberg's filmography, but it also shows that he's a more versatile director than most people give him credit for. He may be the king of body horror, but with fast company, Cronenberg proves he's capable of putting together one hell of a B-level action ride.

'Fast Company' is an amazing entry in David Cronenberg's filmography

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fast company was released in theaters in 1979. By then, Cronenberg had been working for a decade as an independent filmmaker, with his avant-garde black-and-white feature debut, stereo, which was released in 1969. It would never again go as far left as that film, but that doesn't mean its visuals became so commercial. while stereo and its successor, the 1970s Crimes of the futurewere two exercises in no-budget sci-fi filmmaking, Cronenberg would actually find himself in his third film: Shivers. That film found him diving headfirst into body horror, a subgenre of which he would come to be recognized as the king. His fourth film, angryit further cemented his ability to turn audiences away.

For an entire decade and four films, Cronenberg was officially a cinematic exploitation force to be reckoned with. What did you decide to do for your fifth project? Well, he decided it was time to make some money, that's what! Cronenberg stood his ground fast company, a career move that no one past or present could see coming. His reasoning makes this career pivot more understandable, though. First, it was an opportunity to better financially support his family. Besides having to succumb to the suffocating grip of capitalism, this film would also give him a chance to explore his fascination with cars and drag racing. let's be real this leap into commercial art isn't a total head scratcher in the grand scheme of his filmography. Cronenberg has made a zombie movie, a Stephen King adaptation, a remake of a classic 1950s monster movie, and the list goes on. The only thing is this fast company it has none of its filmmaker's usual metaphorical mental capacity fueling its engine. It's all biting, but it's also why it hurts my ass.

'Fast Company' is a racing movie with an advanced vibe

The story for fast company it's as simple as it gets. After a racer is let go by his sponsor and replaced by his rival, he decides it's time to steal the car and race himself. That's the basic synopsis, but this movie isn't about the story. quick Honestly, it just works as a reunion movie. A lot of times, we're chilling around drag strips watching cars rev their engines, enduring explosive car crashes, talking about our opponents, and drinking a nice Budweiser (or six) with our friends.

This is the definition of a “trucker hat movie”. Everyone on screen grabs a beer and wears a mesh ball cap, and it's a good game, like most trucker hat movies. Cronenberg isn't the only one of his kind to have made one of these films in this weird and made-up corner of cinema. Another horror legend, John Carpenterhad his with Starmanwhich is almost the most relaxed film than the Halloween filmmaker never created. This film may not be as technically good as Carpenter's, but it's nothing to turn your nose up at either. Starman he has heart, though fast company kick his alien ass.

All of this happens easily with a fantastic cast of B-movie icons. William Smith plays the protagonist, Lonnie Johnson, a character who is more like Cliff Booth (brad pitt) in the coming years Once upon a time in Hollywood. Western, kung-fu and horror legend John Saxon he's diabolical as the villain, Phil Adamson, who only has small potatoes to play as a corporate dirtbag. Still, take advantage of this opportunity.

David Cronenberg shows a new side of himself with 'Fast Company'

Maybe Cronenberg isn't doing his thing fast company, but that doesn't mean he isn't doing a solid job. While I said earlier that there is no author stamp here, this just means that his signature somber tone and subject matter are nowhere to be found. This movie has a lot more in common with late 70's and 80's sports movies than it does. The fly. One thing he does have from his horror films is his tendency to stand back and let the action happen without being flashy to his camera.

There are moments in quick which looks like a straight documentary. Cronenberg often places a camera slightly behind the cars starting their engines at the starting line. The cinematographer will zoom in and out slightly, setting the perfect frame for the action to come. Then when they take off, the camera just pans and tracks their movements. Cronenberg almost never cuts to different angles, and if he does, those successive shots also linger. There is the occasional exciting shot that finds the camera strapped to the hood of a car and fixed on the driver or instances where we watch the race from inside the vehicle. There is also the end of the film, which, despite fast companyfrom independent roots, goes out with a Hollywood-style bang.

Cronenberg would never go back to anything close fast company. There are elements of action cinema scanners i A story of violence, but I would never do something as accessible as this again. Honestly, this is the best. There are plenty of filmmakers who can make movies like fast company. No one can generate cerebral body horror like David Cronenberg. Keep making us grab our thinking caps and barf bags, sir.

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