Watch Emilia & Nathy Peluso Enter The Matrix In “JET_Set.mp3” Video


When Emilia dropped her sophomore album, .MP3, last November, the third song from the record was suspiciously missing. Titled “JET_Set.mp3,” it was available to see, but not stream, for months — until now. “It was all about building up that anticipation, you know?” says the 27-year-old Argentinian supernova, who after months of teasing is exclusively premiering “JET_Set.mp3” on NYLON, below. And the verdict is in: it’s undoubtedly one of the first major bangers of 2024.

Emilia’s genre-hopping .MP3 pulls inspiration from Kylie Minogue to Argentine girl group Bandana, and is full of girl power on a global scale with features from Brazil’s Ludmilla and fellow Argentine superstar Tini. On “JET_Set.mp3,” she’s keeping the theme of female empowerment going with a new feature from 28-year-old Latin Grammy-award winning superstar, Nathy Peluso.

The Zecca-produced tag-team effort exudes cocky, Argentine queen energy, with Emilia proclaiming, “La mejor carne importada de Argentina” (or, “the best meat is imported from Argentina”) and razor-sharp assists from Peluso delivered with deadly precision. “Una gata mala, boca de dulce de leche,” Peluso raps at one point. That energy only continues in its Matrix-influenced accompanying music video, where the Latin music titans full-on transform into femme fatales, blasting bullets and swinging samurai swords… when they weren’t too busy cracking each other up behind-the-scenes.

Ahead of Emilia’s upcoming 2024 tour — which made her the first artist in history to sell out 10 shows at Argentina’s 15,000-person capacity Movistar Arena in just 10 hours — NYLON caught up with the singer about the making of her kick-ass collaboration with Nathy Peluso, her inspirations, and tapping into fierce, self-empowered energy.

NYLON: Emilia, you kept teasing this collaboration with Nathy Peluso for months in interviews and on social media, but you didn’t release it as part of your album until right now. How come?

Emilia: My fans knew there was a special collab coming with Nathy Peluso, but they didn’t know when it was coming out. It was like a little surprise from me to them! It was all about building up that anticipation, you know? I wanted to give my fans something special, a little surprise to make the album release even more exciting.

The album was heavily inspired by the early-to-mid ’00s. This video definitely takes inspiration from a film of that era, The Matrix. Tell us about the creative direction.

We wanted to inspire women to feel empowered, but also make it fun. The ‘00s were my inspiration for this album — think Razr phones, rad fashion, all that good stuff! It’s like reliving the coolest parts of my life growing up in that era. I wanted to bring those vibes back and share the nostalgia with you all.

What was it like to be on set with Nathy?

Filming with Nathy was a dream — I have always admired her. We were vibing off each other, bringing those fierce and fun moments to life. The whole set had this amazing energy, and you can see it in the blooper reel. Just laughter, good times and creating magic together. It was like hanging out with your bestie and making something epic.

Do you have experience in martial arts or firing guns? You looked hot doing it!

I do not have any experience with martial arts, or firing guns, but I do enjoy dancing. It’s another passion of mine. And in each and every one of my videos, you can be sure to see some dance moves!

“JET_Set.mp3” is an anthem. What’s the meaning behind it?

“JET_Set.mp3” is our anthem for fierce female empowerment. Nathy and I want every woman to feel confident, powerful and unapologetically themselves. It’s all about breaking free from stereotypes and owning your space. We hope it’s a boost of empowerment and self-love for everyone.

Both of you hail from Argentina. There’s also Tini from Argentina. Lali is from Argentina, too. This is a huge moment musically for Argentina queens right now!

Argentina’s music scene is buzzing, and sharing this moment with all the talented Argentinian artists feels incredible. We are all part of this movement, and we have supported each other in a way that’s been very genuine. It’s inspiring to see each of us bringing our unique styles and Argentine flair to the global stage. Being part of this collective success is a dream.

Can we expect to see you two performing this song live someday?

I would absolutely love to perform this live with Nathy. Imagine the energy of the crowd, mixed with the power of this song — it would be pure magic. Let’s hope this happens in 2024 with my tour.


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