What Is Kate Vokes Net Worth 2024? Career And Earnings


Find Out “What Is Kate Vokes Net Worth 2024?” Kate Vokes served as the chair of the Oglesby Charitable Trust and held a directorial role in the family-owned property company, Bruntwood.

Simultaneously, she assumed the position of deputy chair at the Royal Exchange Theatre and functioned as a trustee for charitable organizations such as Shared Health and Focused Care.

What Is Kate Vokes Net Worth 2024?

Upon the completion of her studies at Leeds Business School, Kate Vokes made the move to London, embarking on her professional journey as a buyer for Safeway.

In the year 2000, Kate transitioned into the family business, where she undertook various responsibilities encompassing human resources, customer services, marketing, and brand development.

With a focus on a people-centric approach to property, Kate Vokes significantly contributed to her current role, collaborating with 100 partners spanning health, the arts, sustainability, and talent.

Regrettably, both Kate Vokes and her son, Archie Vokes, met a tragic fate in an avalanche while skiing in an off-piste area near Mont Blanc at the Saint-Gervais-les-Bains resort.

Quick Facts To Know About Kate Vokes

Fact Details
Full Name Kate Vokes
Age at Death 54
Date of Death December 28, 2023
Cause of Death Avalanche in the French Alps
Profession Chair of the Oglesby Charitable Trust, Director of Bruntwood, Deputy Chair of the Royal Exchange Theatre, Trustee of Shared Health and Focused Care charities
Family Son Archie Vokes, who also died in the avalanche, and brother Chris Oglesby, CEO of Bruntwood SciTech
Notable Incident Died in an avalanche at Saint-Gervais resort near Mont Blanc while skiing with her son and other family members
Tributes Described as “remarkable” and a “tireless supporter” by the Royal Exchange Theatre, and as a “wonderful soul” by the founder of animation studio DoodleDo

What Is Kate Vokes Net Worth 2024?

Netizens are actively participating in the collective inquiry regarding Kate Vokes’ net worth in 2024.

Recognized as a millionaire property tycoon, Kate Vokes is deeply involved in various charitable endeavors.

Born to Michael Oglesby, a renowned property tycoon, Kate found herself deeply ingrained in a legacy of business acumen and community development.

Michael Oglesby’s legacy is characterized by the establishment of the Bruntwood Group in 1976, a business pivotal in the revitalization of Manchester and Liverpool.

The extensive portfolio comprises 120 buildings, collectively covering nearly nine million square feet and valued at over £1 billion.

What Is Kate Vokes Net Worth 2024?
What Is Kate Vokes Net Worth 2024?

As one of the directors of this formidable family-run property firm based in Manchester, Kate Vokes played a crucial role in steering its success.

Kate Vokes’ net worth, estimated to be around £1 billion, underscores the magnitude of her influence on the regional commercial real estate market.

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Kate Vokes actively engages in philanthropy, reflecting a commitment to social causes deeply ingrained in the family ethos.

She assumed the chair role at the Oglesby Charitable Trust, the family’s philanthropic arm, endowed with a substantial £25 million.

This charitable trust serves as a conduit for impactful giving, channeling resources towards various causes aimed at the betterment of society.

Furthermore, Kate Vokes serves as a trustee for Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre, showcasing her dedication to the cultural and artistic vibrancy of the city.

Her multifaceted roles as a business leader, philanthropist, and trustee underscore the depth of her impact on both the business and social fronts.

What Happened To Kate Vokes?

Kate Vokes met a tragic fate when an avalanche struck an off-piste section of the Saint-Gervais-les-Bains resort near Mont Blanc.

The unfortunate incident not only claimed her life but also that of her son, Archie Vokes, who was accompanying her during this fateful moment in the French Alps.

The Bonneville public prosecutor’s office suggested that the origin of the avalanche might be connected to cross-country skiers traversing higher up on the slopes.

Allegations arose, pointing out that two cross-country skiers above Kate Vokes and her son might have triggered the avalanche.

Following the avalanche, mountain rescuers discovered the lifeless bodies of Kate Vokes and her 22-year-old son, Archie.

As per French prosecutors, Mrs. Vokes and her son were part of a skiing party that included three other family members and a freelance ski instructor.

This tragic incident has prompted a comprehensive manslaughter investigation to ascertain the exact sequence of events leading to the devastating loss of two lives on that fateful day.

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