What Katharine McPhee, Sarah Paulson & More Said on Romance Age Gaps


And then, of course, there’s what everyone else thinks, with the heap of the judgement generally cast the woman’s way.

“It’s always the woman’s fault,” Katharine McPhee, 40, reflected on Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast while talking about the way people can judge her marriage to David Foster, 74. “Like, ‘It’s the woman who wants to be with the older man because he has money and he’s had success and she wants this, that.’ And our story has been the complete opposite.”

Not that she cares, really. “It doesn’t matter,” the Smash star insisted, “because as long as you know the story and you’re in love with your own story, that’s what’s important.”

And, yet, dare we say, the debate over these romances is one for the ages. See what more famous pairs have said about the space between them.


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