Wheel of Fortune Fans Are Spinning Over $40,000 Prize Ruling


Can we get an L, Pat? Because this game show contestant has truly spun the wheel of misfortune.

Wheel of Fortune fans were outraged after contestant Megan missed out on the bonus cash prize—even though viewers thought she said the correct answer to the final puzzle in the Jan. 30 episode.

The California high school choir director made it to the final round of the popular game show and was given the letters P_N_   _RC_ _ D for the category “Living Things.”

Megan then proceeded to guess out answers and could be heard saying, “something orchid”—which many fans heard as “pink orchid”—before guessing “pine orchid” and “pony orchid.” Unfortunately, time ran out before she could fully work out the answer of “pink orchid.”

However, fans of the show were convinced they heard her correctly solve the puzzle, with many of them taking to social media to express their frustration.


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