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A strong father-daughter bond has a huge impact on growing up, and it’s almost impossible to replace. It’s not terribly difficult to achieve this bond either.

In Bleeding Love we learn that being open and present is what forms a strong connection between father and daughter.

Ewan McGregor and his daughter Clara star in the drama where they get to play similar roles as in real life. While the screenplay instantly connected with the duo, an interview on Deadline with Ewan assures us that the movie is “​​a work of fiction and not at all biographical.” In any case, there is a real connection between the co-stars that you cannot fake, one that will pull at your heartstrings, and with no time to waste, we’re here to let you know where you can watch it for yourself.

Bleeding Love

Release Date
February 16, 2024

Emma Westenberg

Ewan McGregor , Clara McGregor , Kim Zimmer , Sasha Alexander , Devyn McDowell , Jake Weary , Vera Bulder

1 hr 42 min

When Is the Release ‘Bleeding Love’?

In March 2023, Bleeding Love debuted at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, under the title You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder, according to Deadline. By the end of the year, it was picked up by Vertical Entertainment, and with the name change, finally revealed its official release date on February 16, 2024.

Is ‘Bleeding Love’ in Theaters?

Bleeding Love Cast

Bleeding Love is scheduled to be released in U.S. theaters, competing alongside the upcoming Russel Crowe film Land of Bad, Monolith, and No Way Up.

Find Showtimes for ‘Bleeding Love’

Watch the Trailer for ‘Bleeding Love’

The official Trailer for Bleeding Love was released by Vertical Entertainment on its YouTube channel on January 16, 2024.

The trailer shows Ewan and Clara McGregor as the father and daughter road-tripping in a pickup truck together. The two are evidently discussing the daughter’s senseless tantrum, running in the desert to escape her dad with nowhere to go. Later, at a gas station, they fuel up on snacks and, once again, the young woman is pulling shenanigans as she tosses a couple of small alcohol shooters into the mix. Their discussion revolves around a “like father, like daughter” theme, as it’s clear her partying ways are inherited from his bad influence. Reality hits when he catches her at a house party taking shots with a strange man wearing a clown nose, and he reminds her that she just overdosed 12 hours earlier.

The flashback to a hospital changes the rock and roll music into a somber synthesizer, as the father tries to explain that he knows what a terrible path she is headed down from experience. Addiction hugely impacted their relationship during her upbringing and all the father wants is a bit of redemption. Scenes of the pair childishly playing together weave in and out of memories where the father left his daughter sad and alone. This time around, though, he’s not going to abandon her so easily. All he can hope for now is that she’ll choose to make the right decisions on her own. As they sing a fitting song, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, in the truck together, there is a hopeful look in their eyes while the sun sets over the desert plateaus.

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The Glass Castle (2017)

The Glass Castle
Image via IMBD 

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Considering that father bonding has its benefits, what would happen if you took it too far? In The Glass Castle, Woody Harrelson (True Detective) takes on the role of the father, Rex Walls, of three children and husband to Rose Mary (Naomi Watts). He believes that a family has everything they need to be happy right there with each other, but his unstable lifestyle, moving from town to town, and squatting in abandoned houses is an incredible struggle for the rest of the family. Teaching them to build resilience is one thing, but staying on the move, and never facing the consequences of your actions is another. It’s a true story, written by Jeannette Wall, who is portrayed by Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) during her adult years in the movie. The movie wasn’t as well received as the book, with complaints that the negative qualities of the parents heavily outweighed their redeeming qualities, as portrayed in the movie. Nonetheless, Rex Wall may never have given Jeanette and her siblings a glass castle, but her strength to overcome the odds and tell their story is commendable, and deserving of an audience.

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Beautiful Boy (2018)

Nic and David Sheff, played by Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell in Beautiful Boy
Image Via Amazon Studios

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For some fathers, doing the best they can isn’t always enough. That’s the case for Steve Carells (Crazy, Stupid, Love) character, David Sheff, in Beautiful Boy. When he finds his son, Nic Sheff, played by Timothée Chalamet (Wonka), after a couple of days of being missing, with signs of drug use. David tries his best by placing Nic into rehab. However, just when things seem to get better, he relapses. David keeps trying different approaches to try and end Nic’s addiction, but it’s a constant struggle. As he dives into Nic’s personal life, reading his diary, it seems that Nic’s behavior is influenced by his inability to make the family proud. It’s a vicious cycle when the very thing that alleviates your pain also pushes you into a predicament that leaves your family disappointed. For David, sometimes the only help you can give is no help at all. This story is a fairly common one, that devastates families all over the world as loved ones fall victim to drug addictions. It is based on both memoirs of the father and the son in their books Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff, and Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction by David Sheff.

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Rachel Getting Married (2008)

Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married
Image via Sony Pictures Classics

Director: Jonathan Demme

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Rosemarie DeWitt, Debra Winger, Bill Irwin, Tunde Adebimpe

Some say that every family has a black sheep, at least that’s the case for Anne Hathaway’s (The Devil Wears Prada) character Kym Buchman. Fresh out of rehab, Kym returns to her family home to attend her sister, Rachel’s (Rosemarie DeWitt), wedding. The drama sees some comedic relief as Kym’s family doesn’t really trust her and makes a fuss over every little thing she does. While it drives Kym crazy, it is glaringly obvious that she is not cut out for this ideological family. There is no cutesie ending that brings everyone together, but it’s more of a realistic experience in the ongoing struggles of life. The performance by Hathaway earned her an Oscar nomination, and the film remains a favorite among critics.

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