Why ‘Batman’ Fans Hate ‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’

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There’s been a lot of drama and issues surrounding the Early Access release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but a single cutscene from the game has sparked backlash from Batman fans who are upset with the depiction of the Dark Knight.

Warning — Spoilers Ahead

As one would expect from a video game titled “Kill the Justice League,” Suicide Squad sees players face off against DCs’s most iconic heroes, who are being mind-controlled by the supervillain Braniac.

The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman all meet their end at the hands of the Suicide Squad, but the unceremonious death of Batman proved highly controversial.

What Happens To Batman In ‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’?

After defeating two members of the Justice League, the Suicide Squad successfully capture the mind-controlled Batman. Harley Quinn and Batman exchange words, with Harley giving Batman a piece of her mind; amusingly, she even accuses him of “causing long-term mental and emotional damage to everyone you knew.”

It should be noted that in this story, Harley Quinn hasn’t dumped the abusive Joker as she often does in other versions— her Joker is dead, and she has been seeking revenge on Batman for some time.

Batman asks Harley if she’s done with her “bad stand up routine,” and Harley replies that you always have to “end on your best joke” before shooting Batman in the head, at point-blank range.

That’s it — that’s the death of Batman. Specifically, the Batman featured in the Arkham game series, which was largely beloved by gamers. The scene seems to be deliberately anti-climatic and subversive, with Harley gloating, “bet you didn’t think it’d be me at the end, huh Bats?”

The controversial cutscene has been posted online, and has sparked heated discourse among DC and Batman fans.

Why Are Fans Mad That Batman Dies In ‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’?

Initially, Batman fans were upset that that this grisly cutscene appeared to be the final performance of the legendary Kevin Conroy, who has been voicing Batman for decades across multiple mediums.

Conroy is best-known for his performance in Batman: The Animated Series, and is widely considered by fans to be the definitive voice of Batman. Following a battle with cancer, Conroy tragically passed away in 2022, at age 66.

Hence, many fans found this portrayal of the character to be in poor taste. IGN has since clarified that Kill the Justice League isn’t actually Conroy’s final Batman performance.

Not to mention, Conroy himself chose to take the role — this wasn’t some ghoulish, AI-generated imitation of his voice.

According to game director Axel Rydby, Conroy had no issues with the depiction of Batman.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Rydby said that Conroy “really enjoyed his performance in the game, and that was important to us that it felt like he liked what we were doing with the character as well.”

Fans Don’t Like Seeing Their Favorite Superheroes Die

Otherwise, some fans have taken issue with the “disrespectful” tone toward the character of Batman.

Fans of the Arkham game franchise are disappointed that this underwhelming death at the hands of a relatively under-powered villain is the final fate of Arkham’s Batman.

However, this isn’t the first time Harley Quinn has bested Batman.

In the “Mad Love” episode of animated series The New Batman Adventures, Harley successfully captures Batman and come surprisingly close to killing him. In an ironic twist, Batman is saved by the Joker, who is furious that his sidekick/girlfriend managed to capture his arch-nemesis.

On social media, many fans were unhappy that the death of Batman was portrayed in an edgy cutscene that belittles the character — some were also upset that the Flash was murdered and urinated on by a member of the Suicide Squad.

Others mocked the backlash, pointing out that the game is literally titled “Kill the Justice League” and compared the tone of the game to an irreverent, edgy comedy like Deadpool.

Generally, fans seem unhappy that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League didn’t show Batman escaping through a clever back-up plan, or a deus ex machina, as the character traditionally would.

One X (Twitter) user pointed out that the backlash was bad for storytelling, writing:

“gamers throwing a fit every time a popular character dies ensures that future games will be repetitive nostalgia fodder where nothing interesting can ever happen.”

Of course, superheroes are killed (and revived) all the time in comic books, but fans don’t seem to appreciate an underwhelming defeat.

In 2007, many Captain America fans expressed disappointment after Marvel unceremoniously killed off the character via a bullet from a sniper rifle.

Much of the backlash to Star Wars: The Last Jedi was sparked by the quiet, unexpected death of Luke Skywalker, while the dramatic, heroic “deaths” of multiple Avengers in Infinity War were largely praised by fans.

It’s unknown if the death of this Batman will be reversed somehow, via time travel, multiverse shenanigans, or some other convoluted plot twist.


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