Why This Love Is Blind Contestant Walked Off the Show


This story contains spoilers for Love Is Blind season six, episodes one and two.

“What the actual f–k is wrong with men?” 

That was one Love Is Blind contestant’s take after learning that the guy she’d been dating in the pods was making almost the exact same promises to her and another woman—which ultimately motivated saleswoman Amber to walk off season six early.

In the living quarters, Amber, 31, was raving to Amber Desiree “AD” about Matthew, who had told her he’d want to ask her dad’s blessing before proposing. 

The issue? The senior financial advisor, 37, had told AD, 33, the same thing the day prior. 

After AD realized her conversations with Matthew sounded “almost verbatim,” the real estate broker told Amber how Matthew had talked about proposing or leaving the show with her as well.  

“Excuse me, ma’am, I need you to be so for real with me right now,” Amber responded. “Leave with him?”


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