Wil Wheaton Has A Bowling Ball-Sized Regret About One Of His Favorite Appearances On The Big Bang Theory


In a recent interview with Express.co.uk, when asked about his favorite moments on “The Big Bang Theory,” Wil Wheaton recalled a hilarious anecdote involving a very heavy bowling ball. Though the bowling scene lasted a few minutes in the episode, it took over 12 hours to shoot in reality. On the set that day, Wheaton selected a bowling ball purely on its looks and regretted it when he discovered its weight.

“… [W[hen we did the bowling scene, we shot that all day long. That took 13 hours to shoot that scene,” he recalled. “And I just picked a bowling ball that looked cool. Not realizing that I picked a bowling ball that weighed 17 pounds. I had to carry it all day. That was not a good choice. I regretted that choice and I was glad when that was done.”

Of course, that minor error didn’t deter Wheaton from returning to the show. After that episode, Wheaton would return 15 more times before the series ended (via IMDb). In April 2019, TV Insider spoke with Wheaton before the series finale aired and asked what the show meant to him, to which he expressed appreciation for the people he worked with on the series.

“Gosh, it has meant so much. It’s been such an incredible gift to work with these magnificent actors, this phenomenal writing staff, and just the most amazing and professional crew with which I’ve ever worked,” Wheaton intimated. “We could spend our entire careers hoping to have one experience like I have working on ‘TBBT ‘… I am really grateful that I’ve gotten to do good work that the audience loves with people that I love. I’m really proud to have that in my legacy.”


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