Will Laura Dern Be in Big Little Lies Season 3? She Says…


In the show’s second season, the main characters were all reeling in their own ways.

The look of Dern’s Renata—who refuses to not not be rich even in the face of financial and marital ruin—was “powerful, very structured, designer conscious, body-conscious, expensive and with a sharply defining silhouette,” Friedberg told Fashionista. “In season two, we amplified that a bit as the walls are caving in on her.” 

Kravitz’s yoga teacher Bonnie, who’s understandably taking their shared secret the hardest, once popped in her “sexy, drape-y, boho, earthy thing,” Friedberg explained. But in season two Bonnie is “really struggling,” and her style “becomes much more shapeless, colorless and thoughtless. In a way, it’s a prison uniform.”

Jane, meanwhile, is no longer harboring at least one traumatic secret, so Woodley’s character is “a little more confident,” the designer said, and has “very casually adopted this vintage California surf vibe.”


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