‘Winx Club’ Creator Launches Live-Action Sci-fi Fantasy Series ‘Gormiti’


The Big Picture

  • Iginio Straffi, creator of the Winx Club franchise, is working on a new live-action series called Gormiti, featuring four boys with elemental powers.
  • The boys must fight against the evil leader Voidus of the Darkans, who wants to conquer their homeland, Gorm.
  • Despite the cancellation of Fate: The Winx Saga, Straffi is focusing on other projects, including a CG Winx animated series reboot and plans for a theatrical feature.

Iginio Straffi, the creator of the Winx Club franchise, has just announced a new live-action series titled Gormiti — The New Era is in the works. The new series is set to follow four young boys who will represent different elements from their homeland, Gorm, according to Variety. Trained by the powerful light wielder Ao-ki, the four must master their powers through an elemental arm bracer, as it’s what allows them to summon their individual elements in order to fight for Gorm. Now, every tale must have a good villain, and luckily Straffi delivers. The evil leader Voidus of the Darkans stands in the way of the trainees, as the Darkans want to conquer Gorm and escape their shadow world.

Gormiti is based on the 2005 toy collection from the Winx Club franchise. The series will be directed by Mario Parruccini and financed by Rainbow and Giochi Preziosi. According to Straffi, this live-action Gormiti series “is being made for both platform and linear TV play.” This marks the second of Straffi’s property from the Winx Club to get the live-action treatment, as Netflix gave the green light to Fate: The Winx Saga. That series follows Bloom (Abigail Cowen) as she discovers that she’s a fairy with the power to manipulate fire. Unfortunately, she lacks the knowledge to control it and must enroll in the fairy college called Alfea to master her abilities and learn of her mysterious past.

What Happened to Iginio Straffi’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Series on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the Netflix series was cancelled after just two seasons. Showrunner Brian Young posted to Instagram to break the sad news, expressing how “tough” this was for him and that it wasn’t “fun news to share” with fans of the show. Straffi told Variety that while he was surprised to learn of the news, he planned to wait and “hear what Netflix has to say officially,” in order for the creator to “fully understand what happened.” Before the show’s cancelation, Season 2 enjoyed mild success, debuting as the second-most viewed English-language series on Netflix. Fate: The Winx Saga was given a critic score of 40% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 76% Audience Score. Making the choice to cancel the series all the more mysterious for hardcore fans.

However, Straffi has been able to find the silver lining in all this, as now he’s able to concentrate on other long-planned projects, such as Gormiti — The New Era. He took to Instagram to reassure his fans that his stories are not over just yet: “I am working on many exciting Winx projects in the near future, some of which I take so much joy in sharing with you,” Straffi wrote, “First off— a brand new CG Winx animated series reboot is going into production. Yes, a reboot that I promise to sweep you back to the Winx world,” he told fans. Plus, Straffi has confirmed his expectation to take his Winx characters to the next level with his previously announced plans for a theatrical feature. However, he did note to Variety that before anything can happen, he must first find “a U.S. studio or a streamer” as a partner.

Until then, Collider will keep you updated on all things from the magical mind of Winx Club creator Straffi, including a release date for his new upcoming series, Gormiti — The New Era.

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