WWE’s Maryse Mizanin Gets 11 Pre-Cancerous Tumors Removed in Surgery


Maryse Mizanin is fighting a new battle for her health.

The WWE star shared Feb. 10 that she was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Serous Borderline Tumors, which caused pre-cancerous growth on her ovaries. Maryse, 41, said she had 11 tumors removed from her body and will be undergoing a complete hysterectomy to remove her uterus.

“I had been suffering from severe abdominal distention and swelling to the point where I would look 6 months pregnant,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Lots of Gl issues, including sibo, multiple rounds of antibiotics, extreme fatigue and just wasn’t feeling like myself!”

Despite seeing countless doctors, no one was able to give her a specific reason for what she was dealing with. And while she was told to “let it go” and “that it would figure itself out with time,” the Total Divas alum still felt there was something wrong.

Maryse was ultimately diagnosed with a rare form of pre-cancer in her ovaries after her “superhero” doctor Thais Alliabadi found and removed 11 implants around the uterus, ovaries and connective tissue. According to the wrestler, it’s a “very sneaky and aggressive” cancer with a survival rate of “less than a year” if not caught quickly.


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