You’re First in Line to Revisit King Charles III’s Road to the Throne


King Charles III has been partying nonstop ahead of his 75th birthday on Nov. 14.

First there was a tea party at Dumfries House, part of Charles’ Ayrshire estate in Scotland, where the bulk of the guest list consisted of fellow 75-year-olds whose contributions to their community had been nominated for recognition. And then, a similarly themed group of revelers were treated to a three-tier cake with the king at Highgrove, his Gloucester home.

And, no matter what day the monarch was actually born, his official birthday bash known as Trooping the Colour occurs annually in June for thousands to enjoy, so the party automatically re-starts in seven months.

None of which is to be confused with the private celebration Charles will enjoy now with his wife, Queen Camilla—only 25 years after she wasn’t invited to the 50th birthday reception Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip hosted for him and 850 of their nearest and dearest at Buckingham Palace.

Camilla has, of course, been by his side for every major milestone since. But you don’t have to tell Charles that life can change in an instant, let alone over the course of a quarter-century. 


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