Inside Sofía Vergara’s Transformation Into Drug Lord Griselda Blanco


Sofía Vergara‘s latest transformation is her most dramatic yet. 

The Modern Family star sat in the makeup chair for hours every day on set to channel Colombian cocaine trafficker Griselda Blanco for the Netflix miniseries Griselda, debuting Jan. 25.

“I needed to disappear,” Vergara shared in E! News’ exclusive behind-the-scenes video. “It was in Miami in the ’70s and the ’80s. Getting the look correct was very important to me.”

To become the late cartel leader, the 51-year-old used five wigs and various prosthetics, including prosthetic eyebrow covers with false hairs glued on top, which effectively erased the actress’ signature bold brows. The crew also added a nose piece and fake teeth, which they yellowed because Blanco was a smoker.

It was all part of Vergara’s process of getting into character.

“There are so many nuances to explore in terms of who she was—as a woman, as a mother, and, of course, as a drug lord who created one of the most profitable cartels in history,” she explained. “She was not as famous as someone like Pablo Escobar, but even he was scared of her at the time. She stood on her own.”


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