DC Writer Tom Taylor Reveals The Secret Ingredient To Superhero Body Horror


Tom Taylor mentioned that he didn’t have any particular animals in mind when it came to transformations he’d like to see in the upcoming event, despite a good part of “Beast World: Titans” being centered around the idea. But the fan-favorite writer of “Nightwing” and “Titans” said he didn’t mind taking in ideas and suggestions from those who have long waited to see their favorite DC heroes and villains transform.

“In particular, I don’t have an animal-id. That’s not something that, ‘Oh, I want to see people turned into animals,’” Taylor told us. “I reach out to people who do like seeing that: ‘Hey, what do you want?’ I like fan service. I believe in giving readers what they want, or we wouldn’t be turning Damian into a cat boy in ‘Nightwing.’ It’s like, ‘Apparently, the internet wants this. Let’s give the internet what they want.’”


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