Drew Barrymore’s Stylish Kitchen Island Is A Functional Space-Saver

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In March 2021, actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore launched an elegant and affordable homeware line, Beautiful by Drew, sold exclusively at Walmart. The line began with a handful of kitchen products—including a viral air fryer that continuously sold out—before expanding into additional spaces of the home. Think accent chairs, TV consoles and more.

Taking the collection back to its roots and into the kitchen, Barrymore’s latest product is a chic kitchen island that’s as functional as it is stylish.

There are many ways to utilize the product. Free up cabinet space and use it to display tableware or pantry essentials, or for those who are low on countertop space, the cart is ideal for storing small appliances. The wheeled design allows the island to easily be moved around for even more functionality, no matter how it’s used, and the built-in glass racks and hooks also make the island the ideal bar cart for entertaining. Made from a high-grade butcher-block material, the top can be used for chopping and preparing meals without causing any damage to the surface. However, if you want to ensure that it stays in pristine condition for longer, Victoria Foster, interior stylist at ScS, explained the extra steps to take.

“If you really want to preserve the wood surface and avoid having any cutting marks, I’d protect it by using a separate chopping board entirely,” she suggested. “Avoid putting any hot pans or trays directly on the wood surface as this can damage the wood and leave burn marks. Instead, use a trivet to protect the wood from heat. Wood is also best maintained with oil, so consider oiling the surface a few times a year. This protects the wood from water damage and can lengthen its lifespan,”

The large and durable surface also makes it a great place to prepare meals if built-in countertop space is sparce. “To remove any stains, or for a monthly refresh—use lemon juice and salt with warm water and gently rub the surface with a cloth,” suggested Foster.

For Barrymore, one of her favorite ways to use the product is as a dining table.

“You could actually, feasibly, with stools, fit six people around here,” she said in an Instagram video where she adds a tablecloth and diningware to the top of the island.

As with all of Barrymore’s homeware products, the kitchen island has been designed with home aesthetics in mind. The brown wood will complement the majority of decor styles, while the gold-hued bars bring a luxurious finish to the island. Essentially, it’s a classic piece of furniture that will never go out of style.

“Wood is always going to be popular when it comes to interiors, it’s a timeless material that’s very durable and practical—and when styled correctly, it can also be very impactful,” Foster said. “That being said, different shades and types of wood might have moments in the interior spotlight. For example at the moment we’re seeing lots of dark mahogany colors reminiscent of the ‘70s, and light, distressed oak for coffee tables or large dining tables.”

The Beautiful Wheeled Kitchen Cart retails at $368 and is available from Walmart.com.


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