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Holly Willoughby's struggles after leaving this morning

Friends of Holly Willoughby are worried about how she is coping with singing out of ITV this morning

Former This Morning star Holly Willoughby has been struggling since her exit from the ITV daytime show. After 14 years on the popular show, Holly left and her close friend Leigh Francis expressed concern for her welfare.

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Holly's departure from This Morning in September came as a shock to the nation. In an emotional statement shared on her Instagram page, she described it as a “difficult goodbye” but expressed her pride in being a part of such an iconic show.

Holly's decision to leave was driven by her desire to prioritize her family and personal well-being. However, many believe it was because Phillip Schofield left the show.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were known as ITV's golden couple. However, its popularity seemed to make a spectacular floor.

In September 2022, she and her former co-presenter Phillip Schofield faced accusations of skipping the line to see the late Queen lie in state at Westminster Hall. This incident, called “Queuegate”, tarnished Phillip Schofield and Holly's image and made her face public backlash.

To make matters worse, Holly Willoughby faced another blow when Phillip was unceremoniously axed from This Morning after admitting to having an affair with a younger colleague.

Holly Willoughby denied any knowledge of the affair, but still felt the impact of the scandal. Many viewers are calling for her to step down and let Alison Hammon take her place.

According to sources, Holly has hit rock bottom and is currently struggling. She feels people are judging her, which has left her scared and vulnerable.

The pressure of being ITV's 'golden girl' and subsequent fall from grace has taken its toll on her mental and emotional well-being.

Her close friend Leigh Francis, aka Keith Lemon, expressed concern about Holly's state of mind. He said he is not in a good place and is going through a difficult time.

Leigh has been trying to cheer her up by texting her about things she's bought, like Spider-Man Crocs, but it's clear that Holly is going through a rough patch.

In a shocking turn of events, Holly was revealed to be the alleged victim of a kidnapping and murder plot, which has also taken a toll on her health.

Gavin Plumb, a mall security guard, appeared in court charged with conspiring to kidnap Holly and inciting murder. This revelation added more stress and anxiety to Holly's already troubled state.

Holly's Dancing On Ice presentation is uncertain. Leigh Francis recently expressed her uncertainty about her return as host of the show in January.

Holly has been a staple of the show since its launch in 2006, co-hosting alongside Phillip Schofield. However, his current struggles may affect his decision to return.

If Holly decides not to return, there have been reports that Stephen Mulhern could step in as Phillip's replacement. In addition, Cat Deeley, who recently hosted This Morning and received positive feedback from viewers, is also being considered as a possible replacement host.

The decision is in Holly's hands, and her friends and family are supporting her to help her regain her confidence.

ITV has continued to tinker with the presentation format of This Morning which has sparked anger among viewers. In a recent poll we carried out with our readers in Lincolnshire, including Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Skegness and Boston, 78% said they wanted Alison and Dermot to be the main presenters.

However, it appears ITV are still looking for new presenters to take over from Holly Willoughby and Phill with Cat Deeley in the frame, with ITV hoping her husband Patrick Kielty will join her.


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