Lisa Wilkinson has claimed victory. Who is she kidding?


Reading from a prepared statement in front of the Federal Court on Monday, Meghan Markle's very furtive riches in a cream trouser, spreading doyenne Lisa Wilkinson, was predictably self-assured.

Minutes earlier, Judge Michael Lee had dismissed Bruce Lehrmann's defamation case against Wilkinson and Channel Ten over a 2021 story in the project, in which Brittany Higgins claimed she was raped by a Liberal staff member.

Sue Chrysanthou, SC, hugs Lisa Wilkinson as they emerge from the Federal Court on Monday.Credit: Getty Images

“Today the federal court found that I published a true story about a rape,” Lisa said.

“I sincerely hope this judgment gives strength to women across the country.”

He then thanked his lawyer, family and “generous members of the public who have come up to me almost every day to express – often through tears – their unwavering support”.

Lisa, I wish I could say I was one of those randoms who give me unwavering support. I admire your longevity and your fortitude in the toughest media world. But while I, for one, hesitate to criticize another woman, especially a fellow veteran, I have to quietly call BS on your victory speech.

First, big yes, yes, yes to the finding of violation. Of course, women everywhere would be relieved and delighted that one of us would believe a rape, even in a civil case with a lower standard of proof. It is a terrifying statistic that only one in 10 reported cases of sexual assault in Australia result in a conviction.

But the finding had nothing to do with anything you did or said. It came down to what Judge Lee found constituted consent.

And it was a lot of truth-telling about a TV show that weaponized and monetized the agendas of two women, you and Brittany, who came out of the blast zone with a Logie, a book deal, and almost 2.5 millions of dollars between you, but it ruined each other's careers and mental health.


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