‘Monkey Man’ Sneak Peek — Dev Patel Goes Behind the Scenes


The actor-director explains how they pulled off the complex sequences in a new sneak peek at the movie, out next week.

The Big Picture

  • Monkey Man
    hits theaters on April 5, showcasing explosive action in Dev Patel’s directorial debut.
  • A new featurette reveals Patel’s injuries and dedication to doing his own stunts, adding raw authenticity to the film.
  • Patel’s unique directing style brings Kid’s world to life, aiming for a successful box office run.

Monkey Man will take over the big screen on April 5, with its explosive action sequences, dynamic drama and more as Dev Patel makes his directorial debut. But if viewers are wondering how the filmmaker came up with the ideas to create Kid’s world and the quest he has to endure, the studio has released a new featurette to answer all of their questions. The video gives the director time to explain how he came up with the variety of sequences and concepts seen on the screen, while also taking time to mention some of his biggest inspirations for bringing Kid to life.

Monkey Man follows Kid, an anonymous young man determined to bring down a group of corrupt leaders by any means necessary, even if that involves going on a violent rampage that would make John Wick proud. The new featurette shows Patel talking about all the injuries he sustained while working on the movie, and the tough process he lived through to continue working on the project while constantly hurting his body. While it would’ve been easy for Patel to hire a stunt double to step into the shoes of Kid for the heavy action sequences, he wanted to stay in the front seat of the fights, resulting in multiple injuries for the artist.

Given how Monkey Man is Patel’s directorial debut, the filmmaker focused on how he could bring the story to the big screen using his unique style, instead of aiming to helm a project of a much larger scale. And the results could turn out to be beneficial for both Patel and for Universal with a successful global box office run. In the meantime, Monkey Man will have to battle against titles such as Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and Civil War over the course of its box office run.

The Cast of ‘Monkey Man’

The movie will also include performances from Sharlto Copley, Pitobash and Vipin Sharma, as Kid works his way through a mysterious criminal world. Copley has been seen in titles such as Chappie and the upcoming Boy Kills World, with the performer ready to jump into Patel’s violent tale. Pitobash is known for his work in Bollywood, where he has appeared in stories such as Total Dhamaal and Begum Jaan.

You can check out the new featurette from Monkey Man below, before the movie premieres in theaters on April 5:

Monkey Man Film Poster

Monkey Man

A recently released ex-felon living in India struggles to adjust to a world of corporate greed and eroding spiritual values.

Release Date
April 4, 2024

113 minutes

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