‘The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare’s Budget Might Be Lower Than You Think


The big picture

  • The Ministry of War Ungentlemanly
    it has a star-studded cast and a $60 million budget, making it a high-profile film.
  • To break even and turn a profit, the film would need to gross around $240 million at the box office.
  • The film is released internationally on Prime Video, which could affect its box office performance, but the streaming rights may help offset the costs.

The Ministry of War Ungentlemanly is Guy Ritchie's latest film, and it's shaping up to be a memorable one. The film, based on an implausible true story, follows a secret organization that was formed in 1940 at the request of the Prime Minister. Winston Churchill and was used to organize covert operations designed to bring down the Nazis. “The Ministry of War Ungentlemanly” refers to a nickname used for the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a secret British organization established during the Second World War.

The film has a star-studded cast including Alan Ritchson, Henry Cavill, Henry Golding, Eiza Gonzalez, Alex Pettyfer i Hero Fiennes Tiffin.According to a report from Variety, the film had a budget of $60 million, which is a pretty good number for a film from a big name director who has a number of A-listers in his cast . But will it be profitable? Unlike purely theatrical films, this question is a bit more interesting to answer.

How much should “The Ministry of War Ungentlemanly” do to break even?

In Hollywood, the financial side of making movies is complex and not always clear. It is generally believed that a film needs to earn roughly twice its production budget at the box office to start turning a profit. This rule covers not only the cost of making the film, but also similar amounts of marketing, distribution and other costs. For a film with a production budget of $60 million, the costs break down like this: the production budget is $60 million, and marketing and distribution usually cost about the same, adding 60 millions more So the total cost could be around $120 million.

Given that movie theaters take about half of what a film earns at the box office, the film would need to make roughly double its total cost to break even or break even. That means a movie like this should gross around $240 million. Please note that these numbers are only a rough guide. Actual earnings can be affected by many things, including the details of the film's distribution deal, how well it does in different markets, and money made from things like home video sales and rights real time playback.

Regardless, it just goes to show the risks studios take when they greenlight a big-budget movie, but for streamers, the costs can often be offset by “new subscribers” or other often-undisclosed metrics. The film is being released internationally via Prime Video, which is almost certain to hurt its box office, but it's highly likely that Lionsgate, which is releasing the film in the US, has recouped its money through rights to streaming in advance, so it's a no. An idea for Lionsgate to open in theaters with average expectations and a chance to pull off a surprise if the film shows good legs at the box office.

The Ministry of War Ungentlemanly opens in theaters tomorrow. Check out our review of the film, from Maggie Lovitthere.

The Ministry of War Ungentlemanly

The British Army recruits a small group of highly skilled soldiers to attack German forces behind enemy lines during World War II.

Publication date
April 19, 2024

Guy Ritchie, Paul Tamasy, Eric Johnson, Arash Amel


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