Mickey Mouse Horror Film ‘Screamboat’ Gets Release Window


The big picture

  • Public domain horror films featuring iconic characters like Mickey Mouse are gaining popularity.
  • Screamboat
    is slated for a 2025 release window, promising a horror-filled ride with practical effects.
  • Behind-the-scenes talent like Christian Cordella and Christian Beckman are working on the demented version of Mickey Mouse.

Public domain horror movies have been all the rage for the past couple of years. Mickey Mouse in his original appearance, Disney's Steamboat Willie, was the most recent character to enter the public domain earlier this year, and it didn't take long for multiple horror projects to be announced starring this Hollywood icon. This includes Screamboatwhich just set a 2025 release window.

This comes from Bloody Disgusting, who revealed it Screamboat has partnered with Iconic Events for the launch. Horror fans should already be very familiar with this production company as they were involved The Grinch who stole Christmas'slasher movie parody, Mean Onei Terrorist 2theatrical releases of. They will also team up again with Cineverse for Terrorist 3opens in theaters this fall. President and co-founder of Iconic Events Steven Menkin He had nothing but enthusiasm for the project, saying, “Iconic Events couldn't be more excited to get in on the ground floor of what will be a fun, terror-filled ride.” He would end by stating: “Allow filmmakers like Steven LaMorte (director) the opportunity to show his films in theaters across the country and bring horror fans together to experience this unique story is what Iconic is all about. We are beyond excited to partner with you Screamboat.

LaMorte shared the same loving sentiment, saying, “I am thrilled to partner with Iconic Events Releasing to bring Screamboat in theaters all over the country”. The director went on to say, “We're collaborating with incredible artists both in front of the camera and behind the scenes to bring a very light-hearted horror-comedy to life the way it's meant to be seen: on the big screen. We can't wait for audiences to meet our mischievous and murderous mouse!

Has Screamboat gone into production?

Screamboat production begins this spring with history centered around Mickey Mouse terrorizing a ferry in New York City. Also, if you prefer your slashers blood-soaked, horror fans will be pleased with this Public Domain adaptation. There will be lots of practical effects and old school miniatures Screamboat. As if that wasn't enough, the talent at work Screamboat behind the scenes is quite impressive. Christian BeckmanQuantum Creation FX, Inc. (The last voyage of the Demeter, The Boba Fett Book) is making this insane version of Mickey Mouse, for example, based on concept art done by Christian Cordella (Avatar: The Way of Water, Spider-Man: No Way Home). So it will be interesting to see how this ferry ride from hell turns out. Especially since this character, like Pooh Bear, is known for his family adventures in Disney.

while we wait Screamboat go into production, you can play the original from 1928 Steamboat Willie on Disney+ alongside the other classic House of Mouse shorts. Screamboat he can only use the Mickey Mouse version from his first appearance, so he'll probably be a colorless silent killer in the next slasher.


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